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    The proven gaming methods of will show you how share in the winnings that the house “does not take”. And its GAMBLER’S  EMPORIUM has been a knowledge resource for both the novice and professional player for over 30 years Those interested in bettering their chances of winning at the racetrack, craps, roulette, or blackjack can find winning tips and strategies for consistent gaming in the many dozens of books and methods we offer. These are written by experts who know the secrets of winning at their specific game.

    Valuable Information For Thoroughbred Betting: Horse racing is a complicated business. Those overseeing the gambling aspect of the sport are fully aware of the possibility that several large payouts can bankrupt the operation. Horse odds are critical and invariably are determined by many factors including but not limited to the horse’s past performance, track surface, race distance, post position and weather conditions. Because of these factors, winning at horse racing requires the mastery of its own unique betting systems. offers unique publications that will give the serious player a leg up on the competition. Developing a proven winning strategy includes not only a selection methodology but precise money management techniques in order to wager profitably. These can only be developed by professional players, legends of the backstretch with years of wagering experience.

    Playing CRAPS with the Masters: Craps is, in essence, a very simple game, one that contains few surprises. The odds of winning are already known. It is the situation, sequence, and type of bet and at what amount that will determine a winner or a loser. offers the experience and knowledge of some of the greatest craps players of all time. They don’t cheat the house, they BEAT the house. And,  these professionals will show you how to take the emotion out of Craps play. Whether you play the Pass or Don’t Pass Line, their many innovative strategies, including the ever-important management of money, have made profits at the tables for decades!

    Our publications of winning at Thoroughbred Racing, Craps, Blackjack or Roulette, offer critical playing information that is certain to astound you. The ultimate mission of is to show the user how “to Play for Keeps”.