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September 27, 2017


VALUE YOUR EXACTAS by Arthur Stanley

Exacta wagers produce more lucrative returns than straight bets. The main reason is exacta wagering pools simply offer more value than straight betting pools, since there’s plenty of foolish cash going into quite a few races. But you must follow certain rules while looking for them.
There is little harm including certain favorites in exactas, trifectas and Pick 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, etc. But always use at least one longshot in exactas and two in trifectas.

For exactas, I seldom play favorites below 2-1 on top. If you chose to, throw out the second betting choice because both hardly ever run one-two. We researched this several years ago and found this especially true among 2-year-olds.

At some tracks that run a lot of races for juveniles, we found one of the top two choices usually wins more than their share.

If you box a pair at 2-1 and 3-1 in an eight-horse field, the $2 exacta payoff with the lower odds on , would be about $26… and only $7 higher if reversed.

Sometimes you can include over bet favorites at 2-1 or below on the bottom while putting any overlays or longshots on top. The payoffs can be generous. For example, if a 10-1 shot tops a 2-1 horse, the exacta returns $80. With the 2-1 horse on top, the payoff is $30 lower.

Rarely combine pairs of longshots 10-1 and up, but you can box two horses from 3-1 to 8-1 if at least one is an overlay. Two longshots at higher odds infrequently finish one-two. The rate of return is a losing proposition in the long run.

Never box four or more horses, no matter the odds. Key one or two horses or use those horses in a Pick 3 or 4 to give you a better chance to cash in.

There are as many exacta-wagering strategies as there are handicapping professionals. For example, I always recommend betting your top selection to win, and also keying the two logical choices on top with your best second.

Many handicappers look for a shaky favorite and put two horses on top. When I follow that strategy, I make sure one is a price horse.

When playing exactas., always look for eight horse fields or more.  And don’t play the race if the favorite is bet down to 8-5 or less.

I simply will not play a trifecta if my top pick is the race favorite at odds of less than 2:1. Always look for the value.


Paul Freas

There is money to be won betting the second time starter. And these winners sometimes pay huge prices!

Realize the fact that the first race is like kindergarten. The horse is running in a pack for the first time in his life. Watch for the following tell-tale signs in a horse’s  first race. They could be reasons for a big second race performance.

  • The horse showed some promise by being in contention for at least one call in his debut.
  • The horse made up meaningful ground by making a noticeable move at any point somewhere in the race.
  • The horse ran evenly with the pack during this first try. He just might have alleviated some rookie fears thus instilling confidence for his next effort.

If you spot all of these actions, this horse just might graduate from kindergarten to junior high in his second try. He showed himself that he could stay with the pack. More importantly, these positive signs all indicate that this horse might have gained the race awareness to eagerly want to run. After all, this is what he was bred for! Bang this type.


Have you been on a losing streak lately? Have you regularly been plowing money into trifecta combinations looking “for that big hit”? How about part-wheeling those costly Pick 3’s in search of a score?

As an alternative, try concentrating on key exactas instead of trifecta boxes. And go back to the trusty Daily Double and can the Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s for now! This is my trick for breaking a losing streak. Do this and I guarantee you will cash more tickets. And by cashing more tickets you will restore your confidence. And then “go get’em” partner!


Horses that have no workouts published since his last race, if the last race was more than 21 days ago, should be looked at very closely before any consideration. If the horse ran well enough in his last race to be considered today, there is no excuse for keeping him idle for so long of a time unless:

  1. The trainer feels he is ready to lose his form and does not want the horse to get injured.
  2. He came out of his last race sore.

Took a good look before selecting a horse with no workouts. There is a reason why he was in the barn and not running.



I hear these foolish notions every day at the tables. It makes you wonder how these people ever do win!

  1. If the dice or a die leaves the table, the next roll will be a seven. If the dice hit someone’s hand, that roll will be a seven.3. If the dice are thrown off the table, the shooter should yell ‘same dice’ in order to have the dice that left the table returned to him. Otherwise, the Boxman will issue a new pair of dice. It’s good luck to roll with the same dice again. Oh really?4. When a good roll is in progress, never throw money on the table to cash in while the shooter is shooting. If the dice hit the new money, the next roll will be a seven.5. Never open a table or be the first or only player at a table. Dice are cold at a new table and have to be handled before they can warm up. Yeah, sure.6. A lady shooting for the first time (virgin shooter) will supposedly be lucky and have a good run.7. A man shooting for the first time will supposedly be the opposite, bad luck and a bad shooter.8. Saying the word ‘seven’ out loud after a come out roll is bad luck. What, the dice might hear you?One truism to remember: Playing ‘against the dice’ or making don’t pass and don’t come bets is often frowned upon, simply because the player making them wins when the shooter loses. Unfortunately, although don’t players are sometimes very effective, this is fact.




You don’t have to play more than three (3) or four (4) races a day to win a virtual fortune every week! All you have to do is wait for these key races and then you can win up to 90% of the time. These are NOT favorites or low paying short priced horses that you’ll be collecting on because: Over 70% of the time your winners will be 8 to 1 OR MORE!

It is simple to use……you can find your plays in less than five (5) minutes. AND YOU DO NOT USE THE PAST PERFORMANCES FOR ANY REASON!…PLUS,

I am going to show you how to win $5,000 a week on dice……..PLAYING ONLY TWO (2) HOURS! This is an amazing new “SPOT PLAY” system that destroys casino dice! It will show you how to go from table to table and look for the “SPECIAL” plays that win practically 90% of the time!

Imagine walking from crap table to crap table and watch for “SPOT PLAY” situations that occur ten to fifteen times every hour…BUT WIN almost 95% OF THE TIME!

These wagers are so powerful, you can win up to $5,000 by playing only TWO HOURS In every sequence of results for casino craps, there are certain situations that occur in which you can virtually predict the correct results 96 times out of every 100 times you see them!

They happen as a result of certain number series. This means you can watch and wait… and when you see it happen… you jump in and bet and you’ll almost never lose! You go from table to table and only wager when you see these special situations occur. You do NOT have to stand at a crap table and make losing wager after losing wager! You just make your wager when you are exactly ready, when the odds are more than 20 to 1 in your favor… then pick up your winnings and go to the next table.

The Profits Are astounding!! For The Past Nine Years I Have Been Winning a Fortune From Horse Racing and Craps ….And I Almost Never Play!

There are two ways to play horse racing and craps. You can play all the time and lose… or you can pick your spots and win just about EVERY TIME YOU MAKE A BET! That’s what I’ve been doing for the past nine years at race tracks and casinos everywhere!

My name is Ben Gateman, and after 37 years of working as a computer programmer for one of the worlds largest computer software companies, I gave it all up and decided to spend my time playing just two methods I developed for horse racing and casino craps… AND I’VE WON ALMOST EVERY BET I’VE MADE FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS!

Forget what you’ve been told before… the fact is, if you play constantly, either horse racing or craps…. you’re gonna lose! When you make bet after bet in every race at the track you’re never going to overcome that track percentage that just keeps pounding away at your bankroll!

It’s the same with dice… you can’t be in on every bet for every hand… because that’s called “grind play” and that’s how the house squeezes the money out of you! You need to pick your spots and make bets only when you have a massive advantage. What kind of advantage am I talking about?


I’ll show you how to have practically a 9 to 1 advantage… Every Time You Wager At Horse Racing!

Imagine knowing you are going to WIN at least NINE OUT OF EVERY TEN BETS you make at horse racing! Three or four times a day at every race track in the country, the most INCREDIBLE betting opportunities come up that virtually offer you an amazing 90% advantage! This means thousands of dollars $$ in winnings weekly and even daily for those who know how to recognize these amazing plays when they see them! You won’t believe how simple it is to find them, but you won’t see them in the past performances, so don’t waste your time looking there!

How About A 20 to 1 Advantage Every Time You Make A Bet At Craps!

You don’t have to stand at a crap table and watch your money disappear after each decision. There are situations that occur 10 to 15 times every hour that will win for you practically 95% of the time! This means you walk from table to table and jump in and bet only when you see them and collect almost 19 out of every 20 times! You can win thousands every day just waiting for these FANTASTIC opportunities to show. You have no losing streaks because of the high win percentage, and you can bet $50, $100 or even more with a small bankroll because you rarely lose!

My fantastic Spot Play systems work because of my incredible discovery of “DECREASING PROPORTIONAL PROBABILITIES!”

You can’t imagine the incredible feeling of walking into a race track and knowing in advance that you’re going to win almost nine out of every ten bets you make! It wasn’t always like that for me. I was a loser for years too.

It wasn’t until I discovered the effects of “decreasing proportional probability” that I really began to see and overcome the disadvantage most fans face.

The secret to success is simple, “concentrate on just those three or four wagers per day that will potentially give you over a 90% advantage” and you can win thousands in a single day! This is what I have been doing for nine years!

For most crap players, the hope of even catching an average run of good results is almost always dashed the longer they play. There are a certain series of results that, when they occur, will lead to a single wager (or two wagers) that are likely to win over 90% of the time! You must know what those results look like and when to wager in order to take advantage of them! But, if you play every time….you’ll probably lose!

If you know when and how to wager, the rest is simple. These SPECTACULAR betting opportunities occur WHETHER THE DICE ARE PASSING OR NOT.. and happen about 10 to 15 times per hour. That’s when you move in and put your monev down… YOU CAN WIN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS $$ EVERY DAY YOU PLAY!

My two systems are so easy to learn… In fact, I can teach you my entire wagering procedure in less than 30 minutes! If you’ve ever made a bet on a horse or at the craps table… you must realize by now that you can’t continue to bet consistently on those wagers that offer you no real advantage.

You must pick your spots and move in when you have an overwhelming edge! In this way the track and casino are at your mercy… instead of the other way around.

The overwhelming advantage I have playing my two systems means I almost never lose. But most importantly, you can wager five and even TEN TIMES S what you usually wager with the same capital. There is no additional starting capital needed!

Instead of just hoping for a little luck at the track…imagine if everything was reversed and you knew every day…in fact for every race you play…you have over a 90% chance of winning! What if you knew you had a proven mathematical advantage on every wager? How would you bet?

Think about if the losing part of craps never happened. Suppose you won almost every time you made a bet. If you knew you could win 19 bets out of every 20 made….would you make the usual $5 bets…or would you bet much more?

You don’t have to lose any longer! You don’t have to spend a day at the track or OTB and tear up ticket after ticket while hoping to catch a decent winner now and then. No more standing at the dice table and losing roll after roll while waiting for that “lucky” streak!

Now you can be a steady winner at both horse racing AND craps! And you can do this day after day….BECAUSE YOU CAN HAVE MY POWERFUL PLAYING ADVANTAGES. Make your move for daily winnings!!

Ben Gateman

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