All Rhythm System (downloadable)

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Uses past performances as a trend analysis yielding the projected wager. For the AVERAGE player.

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 THE “ALL-RHYTHM” SYSTEM (download)                                  by Joseph Burnside


AN INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY HAS BEEN MADE! We are announcing a system for horse racing so simple that if you can read its six simple rules.….you can win big money each and every week…at any track in the US or Canada.

Joe Burnside…a successful stock broker for over 30 years and the inventor of what he calls “All-rhythm”……has used this strategy to make a fortune in the stock market for years. Remarkably, Joe has discovered how to use his simple technique on horse racing…FOR PROFITS BEYOND ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE!!

Players starting with $ 50 and even less, are now winning thousands of dollars per week! “All-rhythm” is NOT a system for picking winners…it’s a system for winning money!  


To all you racing fans: Horse racing is much like the stock market, you are playing against other players (or rather, other investors). Everyone is bumping brains with the other people at the track or stock market. But even I knew, over 40 years ago, that if I wanted to get ahead in the stock market, I had to use my own ideas…systems and strategies. And I have done quite well!

I’ve given advice on the stock market which has averaged over a 37% return for the last 16 years! In “BAILEY’S JOURNAL”…I was selected NUMBER ONE in picking the most successful stocks for over a four year period. OVER 91% of the stocks I selected went up at least 29% in value from the entry price! I owe this incredible success record to something very simple and which I call “All-rhythm”.

Firstly, “All-rhythm” is unstoppable. There is nothing out there that can equal the tremendous winning power of this remarkable system. For example, you can win each and every day you play.   You don’t need to concern yourself with the odds, the trainer, the jockey, the speed, or class of the horse. “All-rhythm” DOES IT ALL…TAKES ALL OF THE INFORMATION INTO ACCOUNT and puts you on winner after winner, many times sweeping the card for the whole day!

Secondly, “All-rhythm” cannot lose over a period of time. We all know losing streaks can get very ugly. Many fans have been sent to the “cleaners” with a bad run, even using a “winning” system. This can’t and won’t happen with “All-rhythm”. Adjustments are made as you play which automatically protect your capital from loss. In the stock market we call it “hedging”, and it keeps savvy investors from losing streaks. You can do the same thing with “All-rhythm”, and make your losses a thing of the past. You’ll go on to win thousands every week…no matter what happens!

Remember, you collect over and over again. This isn’t just like making 10 bets and winning 7 or 8, which is okay in itself….YOU ARE COLLECTING ALL OF THE TIME…BUT PROFITING FROM 7 OR 8 RACES OR MORE! There are no concerns over lost capital because your capital is constantly being returned to you! You will win $ 700, $ 800, or even $ 1,000 per day…on small bets. You can win THOUSANDS per day with $ 10 and $ 20 bets! There is only one requirement for you to win big money with “All-rhythm”…YOU MUST BE ABLE TO READ!


Now is the time to show you. Here are some detailed results from the Big A:

Aqueduct, December 26th – We collected on the first race with a win by Handel for $5.40, but we also caught two show only bets on Final Choice & Quite Yankee, plus a straight exacta bet for $29.20. Total profit on the race…$21.20.

We got the exacta in the second for $15.80, and with the first race rhythm we saw Paradice Vice for a place and show bet and Grannys Love for a show bet that paid $15.60. Total profit on race…$24.00.

The third race was good for three payoffs on the winner (win, place, and show)…Sheldon’s Avenger paid $19.20, 7.50, and 5.10. We also got Casablanca for the show rhythm for $9.80, and the exacta for $60.50. Total profit on the third race….$92.00.

In the fourth we wagered a total of $10.00 and got back $8.00.In the fifth we passed on the winner’s rhythm and went to only the exacta and trifecta, and caught them both! The exacta paid $25.40 and the trifecta paid $96.50. Total profit on the race…$118.00!

The sixth race showed very good rhythm and we collected on the only two bets we made, the winner Ricky Gold for $11.40 and the exacta for $54.50. Total profit on the race…$61.90.

The seventh race was only worth two wagers, one on Brushing Up for the win and the show. Lost the win bet, won the show bet of $7.50. Total profit on the race…$3.50.

The eighth race made the day. We played Say Florida Sandy for the win and hit for $10.20, and we played the exacta and trifecta, and hit them both for $98.00 and $702.00! Total profit on the race…..$792.00!

The ninth had limited rhythm but we still managed to walk away with a $12.00 profit on three bets.

Total profit for the day at Aqueduct…$1,122.60! (Remember, these were $2 bets)


The question is always the same…”So what if it works for the inventor, what about me”? That’s a question worthy of an answer. An early release of “All-rhythm” to a thousand or so average racing fans brought in some fantastic comments shortly thereafter. These responses make it apparent that “All-rhythm” can turn any racing fan, regardless of their experience, into a BIG WINNER! Here are two of the testimonials:

Dear Mr. Burnside, “Received the “All-rhythm” system for evaluation a little over 2 weeks ago. I’ve played every day since then, 10 days total, and here’s my results…first day…$226..00 profit…second day…$988.00 profit…third day…$645.00 profit…fourth day…$110.00 loss…fifth day $876.00 profit…sixth day $333.00 profit…seventh day $78.00 loss…eighth day $589.00 profit…ninth day was my biggest ever…$1,300 profit, and the tenth day was a profit at $414.00! It’s simple and boy does it work. Thanks a bunch.”
Jack Tillie, Jacksonville,FL

Mr. Joseph Burnside, I have heard of using “Price Rhythms” in the analysis of stock pricing, since I am a stock trader, but this is something truly remarkable. Last year I read a magazine article about your “All-rhythm” method for the stock market and it mentioned the coming of a horse racing system using this same analogy. I immediately thought that you might have something worthwhile, but I never imagined something like this. I’m way ahead! Everyone I have shown this to seems just as impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness. Is this winning normal or am I just lucky? I hope this goes on forever!
G. Gilman Atherton, Hollywood, CA

There’s no sense trying to kid you…I actually knew very little about horse racing in general. But I have discovered something that apparently no one else has seen…and it works! And now you can cash in on what I have discovered…it’s that simple.

But if you feel more comfortable buying something from someone who claims they know much more about horse racing than you do, then buy what they are selling and best of luck. All I know is “All-rhythm” works! It worked for me, it overwhelmingly worked for the people who participated in the test trials, and it worked for thousands who already have purchased a copy over the years. Considering the results so far, I think first and foremost that it will work for you.

Do not deprive yourself of an incredible opportunity to reap lots of $$$ from horse racing in a very short time! Remember, “All-rhythm” is totally different from any other type of method…AND SO ARE THE RESULTS!!

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