Beating The Poker Slot Machines


Contains computations only available to the casinos.For ALL playing levels.

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by R. Carl Cohen

The fact is, casino poker slot machines are games of skill as opposed to standard slot machines which are 100% luck! This 36 page book, written by a professional poker slot player, was developed to give readers the crucial poker slot knowledge needed to consistently beat the machines. Information never previously provided before. 

The rules and charts presented have been mathematically¬† calculated to provide the most profitable play for every type of hand… more guessing!

Unlike other poker slot books, Beating The Poker Slot Machines provides different playing strategies for different brands of machines, a methodology of play exclusive to this book! Remember, all machines have different odds of winning. Now you will know how to play each one. 

Finally learn how to play poker slots with the most advantageous approach possible! This book is written proof that a skillful player can destroy the House’s edge. Stop fighting the odds. Stop guessing and start WINNING.

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