Blackjack: How To Play Like An Expert


The author shows you how to master an effective basic strategy, a functional counting system, and a
sound management program. For the AVERAGE player.

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This is a comprehensive book that will benefit any blackjack player at any level – from beginner to professional!

For every player who tried counting cards and just found the process “not worth the aggravation”…LISTEN UP! The game of blackjack can be beaten if a proven playing process can be presented in an easy-to-absorb manner. HOW TO PLAY LIKE AN EXPERT MEETS THIS REQUIREMENT!

We all know that playing blackjack without some sort of count strategy is like flying an airplane without instruments. Playing only “Basic Strategy” just won’t cut it…simple basic strategy need to be enhanced in order to win consistently! This author will show you how to finally build your own personal blackjack attack strategy based on a simple two-rank point count that anyone can apply with minimal effort. With it you will regularly win in any casino and you will DESTROY any private game.

You will be instructed how to master this count with a simple practice procedure. Once you absorb it, the game of blackjack will be your “oyster”. From single decks to eight decks – it won’t matter.

You will be taught bankrolling and the important skill of ranging the size of your bet. It must be enough to enable you to win at a steady rate while protecting against runs of bad cards.

You will be shown the casino comportment necessary to shield a big winner from the casino “eye”. Remember, steady winners will get scrutiny!

The author believes that to be a lifelong winning blackjack player you must learn slowly and thoroughly…there is no other way. Master his simple rules and you will be guaranteed to play at a professional skill level! Sure, you are going to have some bad streaks…that gambling. But with this methodology, you will be certain to win more than you lose!

This will be the last book on Blackjack you will ever read!

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