Casino Gambler’s Survival Book


Our BEST “HOW TO” REPORT! 20 pages of everything you need to win in a casino! For ALL playing levels.

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by Pat Nally and Larry Voight

This is the book that Casinos don’t want you to see! 

Written by two ex-pit bosses and gaming authors, both men are now also professional casino players.

Pat Nally, author of the Insider’s Craps Strategy, will tell you not only what to do but also what NOT to do at every table game. Pat’s motto is: “learn before you earn”.

Larry Voight, author of Situation & Sequence Dice, will give you a winning craps method in the game he specializes in. Learn it and you will play competent dice immediately!

Together, these pros cover Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, and even the Wheel of Fortune. 

What are the “real”  odds? What games should you play or not play? 

The insider tips in this book could pay for your entire vacation!  After reading it, you will play with the confidence of a seasoned casino veteran.

This book is “THE GREATEST INFORMATION VALUE ON OUR SITE”….20 powerful pages.

The cost is $10.00. (hardcopy only)

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