Hot Dice: Shows How To Leave The Table A Winner


Lots of strategies for hot and cold tables. The chapter on money management and bankroll control is worth the price of this book. For ALL playing levels.

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HOT DICE           by Jack Kiely

HOT DICE is a trend and streaks strategy designed to take full advantage of a “hot” or a “cold” roll. In order to accomplish this, the strategy explains the “cycles” game from top to bottom with a professional approach.

HOT DICE includes a powerful Pass Line system for the Right bettor when the table is hot. This winning method features a unique three bet “rebound” strategy with strategically placed Come bets and leveraged odds play. 

HOT DICE provides an equally strong “controlled” play for the Wrong bettor designed specifically for cold tables.  This “play” will make that deadly seven work for you all night long. Uses well-placed Don’t Come bets with leveraged odds play to maximize your advantage, almost totally eliminating the house’s vig.   

HOT DICE even provides a strategy for when the table gets choppy. Its utilization will allow you to pinpoint when the table is in an advantageous playing cycle.

Hot, cold, or in between, you are fully covered with the HOT DICE playing approaches. All bets are discussed including the proposition bets like the Horn Bet, Yo-Elevens, Three Way Craps, and even the controversial Hop bet. Legal casino craps or illegal “alley” games, HOT DICE will be your craps instructor for all dice plays…..period!

Every dice player should have HOT DICE in their craps library. The chapter on money management and bankroll control is worth the price of this book alone!  

****Given a 4-Star Rating by the prestigious Crapsmen Newletter

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