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A unique and powerful method of selecting winners from Consensus Selections. For ALL playing levels.

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PROFIT SIMPLEX by Peter Woodcomb

Hi ! My name is Peter Woodcomb, and I have created the easiest, simplest no handicapping way for you to make a “nice” comfortable living at any race track or OTB, due to a “consistent” wagering ironclad system I discovered five and a half years ago. It has financially changed my life for the better!

After years of spending thousands of dollars on systems and handicapping methods, I finally found a sound method that changed what I used to do! No more GAMBLING!


This method didn’t just fall into my lap! I didn’t miraculously stumble on a “hidden secret” in the racing program .I simply decided that there had to be a way to consistently win money at the races. I knew some tracks could have a handle of over $1,000,000 a day. I was determined to find a legal way to carry home a small percentage of that each day. It took hours of research and many revisions to compile what I call the “PROFIT SIMPLEX” method. It was like hitting the lottery.

Finally ! It wasn’t just my imagination – $600 a day became reality ! I didn’t know how easy it would be to use when I was compiling and revising the “Profit Simplex” method. It almost seems a crime. At first I thought that to find the “winning method”, it would have to be complicated and time consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sound principles are all you need to work with, and that’s what I have! The money and time invested paid off BIG ! So big, I’ve never been happier!

Tested at tracks across the country, every detail of the “Profit Simplex” method was carefully researched. By taking advantage of certain flaws in the pari-mutuel system, you will see that my method has to work. The “odds” given to the horses makes you statistically unable to lose. It just keeps winning!

The “probabilities” of the horse winning are not reflected in the “odds” given to the horses by the public. Its widely known that the favorite only wins about 32% of the time. 96% of race fans end up losing money each year at the race track! This proves that the average race fan doesn’t know what he is doing! Look, only 4% of race fans show a profit each year. This is an IRS statistic. I didn’t just dream it up. IRS records show that this elite 4% earn profits of $50,000 to $250,000 and more each year. Its easy to see that once you know how to win, there is no winning just a little. You win a lot!

Be one of the 4%! The same principles found in the “Profit Simplex” method are being used by the elite % that are beating the tracks regularly. I’m sure the track is well aware that this flaw exists. It doesn’t affect them since only 4% of the fans are wise enough to exploit it. But the 4% of the fans who are able to exploit it are making major bucks!

With this method, you’ll make fantastic profits with win bets. Not only favorites, but high-paying longshots are easily revealed! You can’t miss! I give you only 1 horse to play, no risk of mistakes! My method’s complete, step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow. It is so clear and simple there will be no confusion or guessing. In under 5 min. per race, you will know exactly how to wager & what to do. You’re completely covered. My method doesn’t allow for holes in the betting structure.

Reality: $600 a day. Race fans tend to be skeptical of any larger amount. The simple facts are, increase your wagers and double, even triple your winnings! Does $1,500 in one day sound good? IT HAPPENS!. Join the ranks of the 4% that reported to the IRS. With the “Profit Simplex” method, you can be one of them!

“Profit Simplex” is totally New and Unique! You Have Never Seen This Before!!

After wasting time and money on other strategies, I finally believe that the “Profit Simplex” method is the only way to win consistently at horse racing. l am sorry about the money that’s been taken from you by other systems and at the track. With “Profit Simplex” , the waste stops NOW!

If you want to make money at the races, the “Profit Simplex” method is an Absolute Must! Nothing else can compare. You can’t go wrong with this strategy, so don’t delay. Let it do for you what it’s done for me and my associates. You”ll be grateful to me, but you’ll be even more grateful to yourself for taking advantage of this offer.

After investing thousands of dollars and years of first-hand investigation, Woodcomb Racing Research and THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM are happy to bring you the “Profit Simplex” method.

You may now purchase “Profit Simplex” through this Internet Special for $50.00.

Peter Woodcomb

The cost of PROFIT SIMPLEX is $50.00.

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