The Selector (downloadable)

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Ties in post position, field size, and recency in a solid selection methodology. For ALL playing levels.

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THE SELECTOR by Paul Freas    (Download)


It all started June 21, 2003. The windfall of cash streaks started rolling in just as soon as I made my first bet. The first day I put up my cash, my new system went wild with winners.

I’ve always been considered a good handicapper…a student of the Racing Form, and a math wiz. I have written for many racing publications and am a contributor to the Gaming Master’s Newsletter. But until I stumbled onto the critical elements which make up THE SELECTOR, I used to throw all of the race handicapping information “into a bowl” and tried to come up with a “salad”. But honestly, when you finally see something work for you immediately, you don’t just sit back on. You open your eyes and go with it. You take full advantage at once!

My quest for a winning method started with the observation of running charts. I decided to target winners only. I was not interested in why horses lost…I wanted to see why they won! In order to do this I wound up charting the running styles of about 5000 winners over a two year period. This time-consuming research eventually produced an amazing and profound statistic:


It became obvious to me that the unique match-up relationship of these three similarities in winning horses could produce the ultimate winning ready horse we all seek. After manipulating this data in my own unique way, and endless testing at the track, I finally hit pay dirt. And man, does it produce!

I wish I would have thought of this method years ago. But thankfully, I eventually did find it. And, after months of testing, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next day’s Racing Form. I’ve always felt that the races could make it possible for the “small fry” to walk away with the key to the bank. And now I know it’s true!

I’m going to reveal completely to you my extraordinary selection method that I developed after three years of adjustments and testing. A handicapping system that’ll quickly bring you profits because you will only be betting sharp horses, as evidenced by their performances in recent races. You will no longer play stale, stiff nags. THE SELECTOR will give you the advantage that is required to win!

All over the country, users of my SELECTOR system are turning race tracks (big & small), upside down in search of the 4-6 hot plays it yields each day per track card. SELECTOR leaves no stones un-turned. No matter where and how you play- OTB, simulcasting, or live at the track, my system sniffs out the superior horses for the day. And these horses are winning with an average payoff of $12.80!

THE SELECTOR is the most exciting mechanical strategy to hit racing in the last 25 years. You only need a pencil, a Racing Form, and a few minutes of your time. What I’ve carefully put together is still an unsolved mystery to all other horseplayers. It’s ridiculously simple and uncomplicated. In fact, you might find it quite elementary. It is easy….but powerful!

Like everyone else, many pros are still using primitive and archaic factors searching for winners. They work hard and face long tedious hours of handicapping every day. They ponder the tough decisions. The many frustrations. The nerve-shattering slumps (losing streaks) they live with. Who needs ItI I’ve got a better way. It’s quicker, easier and much more profitable.

In a few days you’ll be pounding the track and OTB for at least $300 a day on average with $5 plays . Bet more, win more! Just allow 3-5 minutes to write down the names of each hot play (you’ll average 4 or so per card). Put a few bucks on each “first class” runner and I’m telling you… you’re simply not going to believe what starts happening. Everything is perfectly laid out for you. When you’re using a “big league” no judgment system, you’re going to win in “big league” style. Not only will you average a minimum of $300 a day, you’ll also sometimes run into fabulous winning streaks. And when this happens it’s “Katie bar the door” ! Don’t tell me you can’t do the same. . YOU CAN. When you have an advantage such as THE SELECTOR working for you, race wagering becomes fun!

Most horse players can’t see beyond their noses. But the curious and open-minded players, like you, act at once when they catch wind of new information. The smart player knows how valuable and rewarding an advantage can be at the track and OTB. THE SELECTOR method you are going to receive will move you out of the dark ages of handicapping. You will now own a high-powered simple approach that will win serious money for you each day.


You’re protected at all times with this strategy. The SELECTOR has a whole network of safeguards. These safeguards make sure you don’t slide into any losing streaks.

THE SELECTOR has been targeted to give you 3-6 ” first class” runners on every racing card. Listen, when you put up your hard earned money, you certainly don’t want some unfit nag frustrating you. No, you want that “special” horse that is fit and ready to win. Whether the odds are 2:1 or 30:1, you must have the complete confidence of making a wise bet.

It doesn’t matter what type of race these special runners perform in. THE SELECTOR spotlights who deserves a wager and who should be dumped as a choice. Whether it’s a claiming, allowance, maiden, or handicap race, just 10-12 minutes for each entire race card will provide you with a 4-6 of the most solid selections anyone could hope for.

The fact is… you’ll know you can win with this system when you read how it was developed and you test it.

Mr.Freas, I got your system last week and really was surprised. It is was not the usual “idiot omelet” I have been buying lately. It is really simple to apply, even for a 78-year old with little patience. I have been playing a similar angle for years but without your emphasis on condition pin-pointing. You certainly taught me a thing or two. Your information is better, and it produces higher prices. “Sonny”, you did real good.
Ed Powelton,
Hollywood, Fla.

Q. Does it take a regular follower of racing to understand THE SELECTOR method.

A. Absolutely not.  wrote the system for you. I realize it must be presented in an easy to understand format. Complete understanding is guaranteed…even if you’ve never been to the races before.

Q. Can I use THE SELECTOR for OTB and Simulcasting?

A. Yes, of course. The system can be figured in the comfort of your own home the night before. It’ll take you only minutes per entire race card. All is needed is a pencil and a Racing Form.

Q. How can I be sure your system will work at my favorite track?

A. It works at all tracks! I’ve studied winning charts from dozens of tracks. The steady results at each track have proved you can win regularly.

Q. I can’t bet heavy money. So how much money can I expect to win?

A. Who told you betting heavy was a requirement for huge profits? All you need is “small change” to start winning. THE SELECTOR is new and the rewards are high. I started with $50 and won over $1000 my first day. There is no requirement to bet big.

 Q. How many horses do I have to bet in one race?

A. You only bet one horse per race. Of course, if you want to use the SELECTOR for Exactas and Trifectas, you can. The system will point out when and where to do this.

Q. Will THE SELECTOR pick winners in all types of races?

A. It sure will. You’ll be playing them all. While most players shy away from difficult and contentious races, you will find the going simple and rewarding. Many races each day look risky to the average fan. These are the races THE SELECTOR is at its best. And the prices are too!

It doesn’t matter what type of race these special runners perform in. THE SELECTOR spotlights who deserves a wager and who should be rejected. Whether it’s a claiming, allowance, maiden, or handicap race, just 10-12 minutes for each entire race card will provide you with a half dozen of the most enviable selections anyone could hope for.

 THE SELECTOR is unmistakably simple and anyone can quickly get the hang of it in just minutes. I don’t care where you play. Everyday you’ll inherit 4-6 top-flight runners per racing card. And they will win with an average payoff of $12.80. There is no quicker way to pick winners.

Dear Paul: What a great system. I felt comfortable with your logic immediately. With your SELECTOR, we are playing only horses with obvious good form. And I can do a card in about 10 minutes. I use it as a side bet and I’m killing the claimers. Thanks.
Larry Costelli
Baltimore, Md.

THE SELECTOR comes with many examples from across the country. You’ll understand why its been red hot since day one. You’ll be 100% convinced and confident that your first try will bring you at least a nice profit.

You can download THE SELECTOR system for $40.00. Don’t wait. The way I see it, you are losing at least $300 a day without it.

Paul Freas

The special download cost is $29.00.


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