Ambidex Craps And Roulette (downloadable)

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Beats choppy tables by NOT using a long string of progressive wagers. For both Craps and Roulette. For ALL playing levels.

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 AMBIDEX CRAPS  by Chester McGiness

The Gambler’s Emporium has been testing craps strategies for over 30 years. Chester McGiness’  AMBIDEX strategy proved to be a solid method of betting craps (and roulette) that was able to produce a profit consistently…… even while going through the normal negative cycles of the game. The system also uniquely takes full advantage of choppy tables. The strategy is ideal because it involves only basic bets that do NOT include a long string of progressive wagers!

AMBIDEX will NOT jeopardize the player’s capitol or his mental well-being!

AMBIDEX does not require a score card of any sort or a list of bets to make.

AMBIDEX includes flat betting, some parlays, and at times a flat progression for wager protection purposes.

Highly rated by the famous Crapsmen Newsletter.

You need only to remember its exclusive “Power Pattern” in order to play this dynamic strategy.
This system has been uniquely designed to win at BOTH craps and roulette….. and it does do just that.

Users have been winning with the “Power Pattern” since 1982!

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