$500 A Day System (downloadable)


Yes, there is a way to beat the horses regularly. Tested to make 500 A Day! For the ADVANCED player.

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THE $500 A DAY SYSTEM (downloadable)

by Meehan and Simmons

Hello, I’m Dave Meehan:

I’d like to give you some insight and background about myself. I’ve had an interesting life being involved in a variety of things … teacher, educator, professor, science, computers, real estate, banking, housing development, stock market, athletics, physical therapy … and last but not least Sports. More specifically, thoroughbred and harness racing, all facets, from owner of six horses to author of a handicapping book. I’ve always been fascinated by being able to PREDICT THE OUTCOME of an event. It has intrigued me more than anything else. To be able to “call the shots” and be RIGHT is a “high” for me and has driven me for as long as I can remember.

What I am interested in is the CHALLENGE… challenging my brain, my ego, my intellect. Success, for me, is not the accumulation of money, though it may be a measure, but the ability to COME UP WITH THE SOLUTION to a complex problem. I am also highly competitive.  I do appreciate being recognized for my accomplishments. And I have received recognition in many areas… outside of Sports. For some reason, racing has eluded me. It troubles me, especially since whatever I have done in racing has been HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL! Since money is the final measure — I have been reporting significant profits to the IRS every year for nearly TWENTY years. There are also HUNDREDS of players using my system, many FULL-TIME with whom I talk on a regular basis.

I don’t know of any other “expert” who can make similar claims. I am familiar with most books and systems out there. I’ve known them for years. I even know some authors — yet for some reason I am NOT a “member” of their “club.” Why? I’ve thought about it much and have come up with just one conclusion — they’re AFRAID ! Yes, AFRAID to recognize my approach… afraid to recognize what I’ve done…because it might upset their applecart. Unfortunately, it might negate everything they’ve done, in some cases, a lifetime’s work. Some, have published as many as six or seven books on thoroughbred racing. I have published just ONE, with a supplement. Why so many books on the same subject? You can well imagine why.


Just look around you. Consider the world we live in, the accomplishments, the achievements, the high-tech developments that simply BOGGLE THE MIND. But that doesn’t seem to phase many…we almost take it for granted. In that context, horse race handicapping is a mere crumb. So why do so few win? Simple. There are so few qualified people in this field. When was the last time you met a college grad or professional who was studying or handicapping horses as a career?

But what I truly enjoyed the most was spending three days with people at the track. It SURPASSED ALL MY PREVIOUS ENDEAVORS. Not surprisingly, this new approach is considerably easier and substantially more profitable. I would have been the first to admit that $1.84 return per dollar bet is patently ABSURD. I have always been convinced that $1.35 to $1.40 was the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, and that with NEAR PERFECT handicapping. This new approach has eluded me for nearly 20 years. When it did dawn on me, I knew IT HAD TO BE !

For one year Mike and I went to the track and used it EXCLUSIVELY. Then we decided to inform the customers on our mailing list. Without bragging, the mere mention of our name was enough for most. They SWAMPED us. Each day brought dozens of requests, each enclosing a $750 deposit.

I must admit it was quite an ego trip …that people would send us this amount — SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. — JUST ON OUR SAY SO! Admittedly, we were somewhat nervous on the first few trips… we sure would look like fools if we bombed? But our success rate was even better than we anticipated. And we were quite euphoric after having demonstrated a $1,500 PROFIT. Needless to say how those who bet with us felt.

I’m sure the word will get out on this, and it’s fine with me. Let my peers be aware that if you claim to have something SO GOOD… GO OUT AND PROVE IT, demonstrate it…. show your face… show how you do it, and then be sure to bring your wallet with you and bet YOUR money on YOUR selections! And you’d best leave ANY EXCUSES AT HOME.
Dave Meehan

How do I, Arthur Hobbs, fit into the story?

Ever since I attended a session with Dave Meehan, I have used the system or checked out the results virtually every single day. It NEVER fails ! It’s ASTOUNDING ! I’ve also been in constant touch with Dave and recently he confided in me that his group was going to discontinue the playing trips for a while due to prior business commitments of some key participants.

“You’ve got the greatest product ever created in racing and you’re going to stop playing it?”

That’s what I said to him. Well then, let me offer it to horseplayers…I have experience in gaming marketing and can make you a lot of money, especially since you won’t be doing anything with for a while…maybe up to a year. They questioned my certainty. But I told them I know this business and have some ideas. Just give me the green light and I’ll make you good money. They finally agreed, and to my terms.

The most important concession I got was price!

What I’m now about to tell you will knock your pants off. But first, let me review what the 183 people who paid $1,500 received. Free admission, free clubhouse entry, free dinners and drinks for 3 days. Their report was leather-bound with their name engraved, printed on enamel coated paper. They saw Dave or Mike and knew they were for real. They saw the winning tickets. They saw cash payoffs. They were guaranteed $1,500 profit or their $750 deposit returned. They could speak with them, anytime, over the phone. Of course, all of this is pretty potent stuff.

And I cannot offer you any of this. What I can offer you is a plain paper report with contents identical to the method they used and fully backed by my marketing partners…THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM. In fact, the contents are even better. Dave has rewritten it, considering you were not at the track, and included the $500 PROFIT DAYS and $1,500 PROFIT for 3 DAYS! When you see it, the reality will begin to sink in.

What is it going to cost you ?

What should you pay for The Best System in the History of Racing, where everything I described is 100% true, all field trips documented, and which is designed TO MAKE $500 A DAY PROFIT ? Well, don’t worry … we are not asking $1,000, not $750, not $500, not $250. What we are asking is a pittance. I am asking you to pay $45.00 (download edition)!

Inconceivable? There’s got to be a catch? How can we charge so little for something so good…that 183 people each paid $1,500 for? There is an answer, but there’s NO CATCH! You are getting the SAME system, and I promise you there’s no follow-up and NOTHING ELSE to buy. This NOT A COME ON! There are NO strings attached. And to top it off, we offer your money back ( less $7.00 Processing Fee ) with — NO workouts — NO time limit — NO conditions. But, of course, you’re still thinking this can’t be. I must be putting you on. I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU — but I CANNOT tell it to you NOW.

It will all become clear when you get your copy.

When you get your copy I will explain, and then you’ll understand why I COULD NOT tell it to you NOW! And don’t for a minute entertain any thoughts this not on the up and up. It is! I have a signed agreement with them, and I am authorized to sell it to you, with the help of THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM. …Enough said !
Arthur Hobbs

The cost of the download si $45.00.


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