Winner Craps (downloadable)

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Professional technique to throw the dice for profit. For ALL playing levels.

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WINNER CRAPS by “Big Jim” Boscobel (Downloadable)

 Craps Players:

Yes, you CAN increase the chance of throwing your number!!

Yes, you CAN Pre-Set the Dice like a hand full of professionals!

Yes, there IS a strategy to maximize these skills!

Did you ever notice that many stickmen always give you the dice 4-1 or 3-1 facing up? With the 5-2 and 2-5 on the other side, they are happily presenting the dice to you already attempting to manipulate the dice in the house’s favor!

I’m here to tell you that the dice can REALLY TALK and I can show you how to make them do so.  It’s all in how you pick the dice up and then how you make the throw! After rebounding off of the back wall of the table, the dice should land in what the pros call the ”Gold Zone”, the hot spot sharp players aim for to help control their dice manipulation results. I will show you where it is and how precisely to get to it! Understand, there is much more to controlling the dice than just hitting the back wall. Realizing the importance of the “Gold Zone” is one critical element, how to get there is another.

My dice method will increase your chances of throwing any particular number by up to 60%. You will become a master at throwing a Seven (7) on the first roll.  In fact, with my “Winner Craps” technique, you will be able to throw any number on the first roll – including the Eleven (11)!

I will illustrate, in great detail, how to hold, position, and throw the dice to produce a particular number. Once you have the ability to throw numbers, I will show you the best way to play and wager with your new skill set. This includes how to maximize your “throwing” advantage with a customized betting strategy, table pre-selection, and lastly but very important, proper bankrolling.

And, for the days when the “Right” players are throwing constant (7)’s and regularly crapping out on the pass, I reveal my special “Wrong” strategy. It was designed specifically to offset these situations. You won’t make a fortune, but you will make $200 to $300 in a four hour session, enough to stem the tide until the “numbers” appear again.

Setting the dice is a critical mechanical element to winning at craps. Others include table positioning (where to stand while playing) and the ability to crowd scan in order to “evaluate” competitors that could be advantageous to your play.

Finally, it really doesn’t matter how good or bad a crap player you think you are. You owe yourself at least the opportunity to look at my “Winner Craps” dice control program. You can easily prove at home that, with a little effort, casino craps can be beaten.

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