Advanced Surgeon’s Craps (downloadable)


A professional system that takes advantage of “aggregate trend analysis”. For the ADVANCED player.

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Dear Craps Players:

f you really have a burning desire to make a living at the casinos….in other words be a professional… I think we have the ultimate solution…and in comes directly from the craps tables of Las Vegas….ADVANCED SURGEON’S CRAPS!

We have proven unequivocally that NO casino game is truly a random independent event with zero sum trial as most of us were led to believe. These events are actually ordered and structured trials! The way we see it, this new reasoning has just “opened up the vault” to casino profits. The casinos are ripe and ready to be thrashed by anyone who can follow our simple set of instructions. Remember, chance favors the prepared mind.”

The GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM invite you to partner with them for what will definitely be a life changing experience for those who truly want to succeed beyond all of their playing expectations….those who want to play professionally.

Over the last few years our test team has recorded thousands of rolls of the dice at scores of casino craps tables. The rolls were tabulated on a table by table basis. We found out that CRAPS IS NOT AN INDEPENDENT TRIAL, RANDOM EVENT, ZERO SUM GAME!

It is an established fact that once a point is established, the aggregate probability it will be made is 40.6%. The point, therefore, will miss out, or seven out 59.4 % of the time. How many craps players would know this most important statistic if we had not conducted our table roll analysis at the casino? I would venture to say ZERO!!!

So actually, the casino’s take-out on the game of craps is more like 30% instead of the often touted 1.41%.

Let’s admit it, we never based our play on this statistic….all of us were real dummies!

For convenience sake, we will round off the percentages to 60/40 in favor of seven outs ONCE A POINT NUMBER IS ESTABLISHED.

How many times have you played at a table, and point after point was missed out on, yet you still persistently played on on thinking “It has to turn around” ?

The good news is, if we take advantage of this vital 60/40 statistic and precisely adjust our method of play accordingly, we should be able to dominate the game of craps. We have now done just that.

Such a playing strategy is here, the first and only one of its kind. We call it ADVANCED SURGEON’S CRAPS !

Do you really want to play craps for a living? Well, now is your chance. ADVANCED SURGEON’S CRAPS is the answer !

Listen to what some of our long-time craps buyers who have received the preview edition of ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS have to say:

Dear Richard: After an initial reading of the system I was stunned. It is set up in such logical fashion that I was certain it would work without even going to the casino to test it. I rushed out to play the system and blew them away on my first day, winning over $1200. Rules One and Two of the Advanced Surgeon Craps are a revelation as soon a you read them. Richard, thank you so much for the system, it looks like there will be a lot of new craps professionals on the scene when you release this monster.

Roger Fonseca, Woodbridge, NJ

Hi everyone. I just received a copy of Advanced Surgeon Craps from Richard Doppler. He asked me to test it out. Wow ! The theory of the method is really unique…I never saw anything like it. I have played 16 sessions winning 14 and losing 2 for a grand total of $3850 in profits, playing at the $10 level. I am scheduled for retirement in 6 months and I think you guys have given me an additional annuity. You guys have delivered a system that is easy to understand, and one that even an idiot can use to make a steady income with. And with no silly progressions or complicated ambiguous rules! Richard, thanks a million…. and I hope I mean that literally. I’ll see you at your next seminar in November.

Marty L, Las Vegas


ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS is designed to make you a prohibitive favorite at the Pass Line at all times !

You will accomplish this with its 3 key elements of unique table play:

1. You will be shown how to simply and quickly pre-qualify a table before entering play.

2. You will employ a unique “aggregate trend analysis” to ensure a favorable pass line bias.

3. You will engage the powerful ADVANCED SURGEON’S Pass Line Playing Strategy.

You will be a strong, steady winner during normal table action.

You will, of course destroy the table during a hot roll.

You will become a taker not a giver during slow table play.

ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS requires you to bet more when you win and less when you lose so, when a win streak comes along, you are there for the big score!

If you are not a disciplined player…….and you love to fire with all cylinders and just love the action…and think you never can play under control – ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS will force you to play under control.

ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS’ unique table qualifying methodology will put you in the position to make major scores under highly favorable table conditions. The playing strategy you will employ to accomplish this is designed precisely for maximum wins with minimal risk. You will be taught to play only when conditions are to your advantage.



The cost of the download is $60.00.


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