Craps Computer I

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A computer wheel designed to take guess work out of winning Craps play. For the AVERAGE player.

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THE CRAPS COMPUTER I by the Gambler’s Emporium

A craps computer?? This is not just any old computer… this is the most scientific, amazingly simple, method ever devised to win at craps….

So scientific it is patented!

So small it fits in your shirt pocket. A precisely designed computer-wheel that will teach you to use the new Doppler Basic Pass Line Strategy perfectly, from the first second you stand at the table.


The Doppler Basic Pass Line Strategy used by the computer uses no Martingale-type progressions nor any Pyramid-betting logic. Like the Doppler Don’t Pass Strategy, it cuts the casino’s earning power to a rock bottom minimum while dramatically increasing your chances of winning through astute problematic wagering.

The strategy and the computer will show you how, when, and where to increase or decrease your bets.

The COMPUTER I will show you how much!

The strategy will show you precisely what plays to make.

The COMPUTER I will tell you how much to bet and what the expected payoff will be!

The COMPUTER I will tell you exactly how to adjust your bets according to your playing bankroll in order to consistently achieve favorable outcomes.

The COMPUTER I will actually calculate your rolling bank roll as you play! With the CRAPS COMPUTER you will be forced to play a winning Pass Line strategy in the manner it was intended to be utilized.

You will make the right plays at the right time. Ruinous pressing and inaccurate bet selection will be errors of the past.

The DOPPLER BASIC PASS LINE STRATEGY will allow you to play aggressively or conservatively, depending on your state of mind. No matter what playing tempo you choose, the CRAPS COMPUTER I prevents you from making foolish bets.

We have played this little baby in casinos for years and it truly works! And it does not require any mathematical skills or knowledge. These have all been provided in the built-in system of the COMPUTER which has been subjected to an in-depth regression analysis, and the strategy has been proven to be mathematically sound.

Just walk up to the table, tell the COMPUTER your starting bankroll, and you are ready to play!

The COMPUTER will tell you what bets to make-right down to the five-dollar increment. Once confusing payoffs are now computed for you exactly.

Optimum Pass Line bets are calculated together with the proper odds plays at their maximum payoffs. And, most importantly, the COMPUTER I will tell you, as you play, what your rolling bankroll should be and it adjusts your bet disbursements according to the action of the table! All of this under the intense fast action of a hot table!

Remember, craps is a negative expectation game. The casino theoretically always has the edge. The good news is, this edge can be overcome through conditional problematic wagering
techniques employed under certain optimal situations.

There are successful craps systems which, under selected conditions, will return significant profits. We are not offering you one of these systems…profitable only under certain windows of success.

We are offering a computer wheel containing a system of play designed to make the absolute perfect play at all times and under all conditions. And these plays are built-in a playing tool that recognizes and exposes the power of cyclic probability and uses it to automatically take advantage of these positive cyclic events!

Comes with an easy-to-understand instruction booklet. You will be ready to play at the craps table in 10 minutes!

The cost of The CRAPS COMPUTER I is $30.00. (Wheel Computer with Doppler Pass Line Strategy installed)

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