Ed Daine’s New Natural Craps (hardcopy)


Pro strategy that can earn you up to $500 FREE MONEY at no cost to you. For ALL playing levels.

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Ed Daine’s  New NATURAL CRAPS  (hardcopy)

Every player that doesn’t play the numbers and doesn’t say ALL BETS WORK on the 4,5,6,8 9, and 10 is an absolute fool who just wants to throw money away! The idiot thinks that if he plays the numbers and a 7 comes out he will lose on the numbers! WRONG! Ed Daine’s NATURAL CRAPS STRATEGY will show you why!!!

In Las Vegas, Ed Daine has been playing craps professionally for over 40 years. He also has taught hundreds of clients how to really play the game “naturally”! He even advises professional players looking for that extra “edge.  With his personal “NATURAL CRAPS” method, Ed will teach you to do the same….how to employ his technique that is designed to make you the master of his “ON” and “OFF” maneuver!  

Ed will teach you how to actually use the PASS LINE BET to be a “bodyguard” for any loses!


After years of professional play, Ed finally came up with the ultimate winning craps formula. It is a combination Pass Line, Come Bet, On & Off Bet Strategy that will protect the craps player’s “Golden Egg” !

It astoundingly provides the user with a maximum of capital leverage at an almost zero bankroll exposure!

Ed’s NATURAL CRAPS method is unique. It will transform even the life-long amateur into a hard-hitting smart player who will now know how to make consistent “silent killings” at the tables. Ed will instruct you how to leverage certain “power” bets into serious money draws at the cashier’s window using his powereful “PASS LINE BODYGUARD” play!

Remember, once the shooter establishes his point on the come-out roll during the course of each game, and the shooter continues for the point……NATURAL CRAPS will earn you an average of $25, $50, $100, $200, $300, $400 and over $500 of FREE MONEY at absolutely no cost to you! 

You can NEVER lose with Ed’s FREE MONEY  and PASS LINE BODYGUARD concepts! This is what NATURAL CRAPS does:

 The PASS LINE “BODYGUARD” protection element  of NATURAL CRAPS will positively make money for you….WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE YOUR BETS!

When you purchase NATURAL CRAPS you will receive BOTH of Ed’s powerful Pass Line and Come Bet Methods, including detailed instructions on how to apply all of Ed’s profitable playing “moves”. It’s like buying PASS LINE “liability insurance”.

If you paid $500 for this knowledge, NATURAL CRAPS still would be a “steal”.  You cannot help but make money with this unique insider information.

The  special hardcopy price is $50…….now $30

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