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7 strategies, computer tested by craps experts, designed to make you a winner. For ALL playing levels.

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By Larry Voight, Ed Heston, Pat Nally, Richard Doppler, Rod Stevens, Ed Daine, and Murray Corbin

This strategy collection is 20 pages of pure dynamite between covers… It contains 7 of the best professional dice systems around anywhere today…

Each system was contributed to the Gambler’s Emporium by one of its professional craps contributors, all with famous published craps strategies of their own.  They each represent unique personal favorite “plays” and all have undergone extensive table play over the years. 

These professional grade strategies will provide the supporting knowledge to make every level of player a winner! Each of the 7 systems is fully explained in great detail and described so clearly that even a beginner can put this professional level material to immediate use.

Take advantage of the experience of these great craps experts. The price of these7 “masters authored” systems described here would sell individually from $50 to $100 per system. Never before has a work been offered by the GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM that includes multiple winning systems by these famous professionals, all in one publication, and for such a low price.

 Contains the following strategies:

THE LOW RISK SYSTEM: Larry Voight, “Advanced Surgeon’s Craps”, created this strategy for his daughter. It provides great action at a limited risk.

THE 12-SHOOTER SYSTEM: Ed Heston, of Comprehensive Craps, plays this strategy only when he is at a full table. Designed for Saturday nights.   

THE PASS-INSIDE SYSTEM: Used by Pat Nally, of Insider Craps, when the table suddenly turns HOT. Designed to conserve your bankroll during choppy play but, when the table turns hot, LOOKOUT!

THE ELEMENTARY DON’T PASS SYSTEM: This is the core element of the famous Richard Doppler Don’t Pass Strategy.

THE DAILY WAGES SYSTEM: Rod Stevens of Super Dice devised this easily mastered but high level parlay technique to beat the shooter.

THE CAN”T LOSE SYSTEM: Created by Natural Craps’ Ed Daine, this is a limited bet action system.

THE PASS-FIELD SYSTEM: Created by the master of the “Field” play, Murray Corbin created this method to take advantage of the Las Vegas casinos offering “Triple Odds” Field payoffs. It works well with conventional payouts too!

This Craps strategy collection is absolutely our best craps value. Includes a comprehensive Dice Dictionary.

 Get the download of all 7 strategies for $20.


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