Pat Nally’s Insider’s Strategy – Craps (download)

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Do you get an honest game at the craps tables? Pit boss Pat Nally exposes everything and shows how to win!For ALL playing levels.

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Do you get an honest game at the craps tables?

Are trick dice and loaded tables a thing of the past?

Is there a house mechanic or two at your table?

Can the house shoot you out of the saddle at will?

 Pat Nally, a long-time Las Vegas pit boss with 35 years of craps supervision experience, will answer these questions for you – and more! The more is Pat’s fantastic Insiders Crap System.

According to Pat, this system has been kept within the inner circle of casino bangers for years – under a mutual gentlemen’s agreement between the strategy’s developer and these selected “big” players. We now are offering this same unique strategy to the general public for the first time. And remember, this method is probably the only one in existence that just cannot lose!

Pat claims a 500% PROFIT on your wagering unit EVERY time you step up to the tables and play for 15 minutes!

We tested the system on randomized computer print outs and couldn’t come close to losing through 8000 decisions! (Think how long you would have to stand at the tables for 8000 decisions.)

We tried it at several casinos in Atlantic City, Vegas, Reno and Tahoe. The damned thing just would not lose!  With this system:

A new shooter can throw 3 or more craps in a row – and we WIN!

A new shooter can throw 3 or more sevens in a row and we WIN!!

A new shooter rolls a point and sevens out on the next roll. Shooter after shooter can do this – and we WIN !!!

A bunch of players in a row can even seven out after an amount of numbers – and we WIN !!!!

In other words, we don’t care if the table is hot or cold – we still WIN!

There is absolutely no throw of the dice that can beat us! You can play safely with as little as a $200 bankroll.

And the system is extremely easy to learn and use. The faster the pace of the game, the more money you make. This method is powerful and you don’t have to bet a dime to prove it. Try it out first in your own living room!

We offer the following “SPECIAL” package for $30.00:

a. Detailed and easy to read instructions.
b. Illustrations.
c. A work sheet to accommodate 300 rolls of the dice so that you can test the strategy.


 The download cost is $27.00.


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