Murray Corbin Method (downloadable)


The best selling and most talked about craps strategy in America.Include BONUS SYSTEM. For ALL playing levels.

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THIS is an ASTOUNDING method to beat the dice tables. Works in all legalized casinos. This method will teach you how to bet like the professional insiders do. Learn how to place five key bets to have all of the numbers in your favor…….. INCLUDING THE 7 !

This is the most talked about dice instruction in America. Put this knowledge to immediate use for ASTOUNDING results. This is how it works. ……….

After the shooter establishes his point and your 5 key bets are placed…..any number that comes out in each roll (2,3,4,5,6,7,8.9.10,11,12)…. YOU WIN ! Only if the shooter’s point comes back in two rolls, you don’t win. You play two rolls after establishing his point and make anywhere from $10 to $700 ( based on the amount you bet.)

Now you say …..PROVE IT.

O.K……………get a pair of dice. Play for as many shoots as you like and you be the judge. Make your point on the first roll and then see if you can repeat the same number in two rolls. If you can’t you are still a winner …EVEN IF YOU ROLL A 7!

Keep track of your results for 100 tries. The results will ASTOUND you ! You will win with every number…….every roll…….and win with the 7 at the same time!

When winning with THE CORBIN METHOD , many players keep playing after two rolls…..because they have 10 out of 11 numbers in their favor…..INCLUDING THE 7 ! If the shooter has a long roll these sharp players (with the 7 in their favor)… clean up. THEN THEY QUIT !!!!


As an introductory bonus special, we will include an additional CORBIN strategy that works when the dice are hot or cold. With this strategy you place your bets in only 4 different positions……also having 10 out of 11 numbers in your favor every roll. Read the details and put this new knowledge to immediate use.

Learn them. Try them. Test them.

You will see for yourself from the CORBIN METHODS that the main difference between winning and losing lies in the way one places his bets.

The download cost for both systems $40.00.    now $30   


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