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A precise knowledge base you must have to win for the long term. For the ADVANCED player.

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RE: COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS            by Edward Heston

Hello Fellow Craps Players:

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the playing techniques and table philosophies of one of the most respected names in casino craps – EDWARD HESTON. COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS is the most complete approach to the business of winning craps ever made available to the gaming public. COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS is the first new strategy offered by the GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM in over 2 years. And COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS is the first and only strategy that I have personally endorsed, other than my own!

Look at what the great Sam Grafsein said about Ed Heston:

“Richard, there are professional craps players who are just gamblers. There are professional craps players who make a living at it. And then there is Eddie Heston”!

Sam “The Dice Doctor” Grafstein

Edward Heston has been on the craps scene for over 40 years. Ed was a successful commodities broker on Wall Street prior to coming to Las Vegas on a junket in 1972. He never left ! The game of craps quickly became his passion…and then his job. He analyzed the game from an economics point of view, developed his dynamic playing strategies accordingly, and ultimately became as successful at craps as he was on Wall Street. Ed still commands respect in Las Vegas as a “Big Player” and is still the pure embodiment of the professional craps player even though it rare when he hits the casino floor.

I have known Ed since 1978. He is a graduate of Syracuse University’s School of Journalism. As a getaway from the tables, Ed always enjoyed writing as a hobby. When I found this out, I convinced him to write occasionally for my CRAPSMEN NEWSLETTER. He wound up being the Editor for eight years ! Weather it was with op-ed commodities articles for the Wall Street Journal or as a craps columnist for Las Vegas Today Magazine, Gaming International Magazine, and Boardwalker Magazine…Ed loved to write. But Ed and his wife are semi-retired and now spend a lot of time with the grand kids in Phoenix and in Henderson, Nevada.

But Ed always wrote only commentary articles on craps, giving his opinions of the craps systems and methods of the day. When I dined with him in Atlantic City last spring, I popped him the big question that had been bugging me for years. Would he be interested in detailing his personal craps philosophy, systems and methods for Gambler’s Emporium players, players who play the game of craps for keeps. Players who would love to pick his brain for any craps information out there that they don’t already know. Would he give them some core information? Would he tell it all?

Ed laughed at first and said he would need 10,000 pages and 5 years to tell all that he knew about winning at the game craps. I convinced him to strip it all down to his basic winning elements…his basic winning methodologies. The best of his best. Short, quick, terse, and sweet. Ed agreed with some reservation. COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS was born!

In COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS, Ed details his own powerful PASS LINE and DON’T PASS playing techniques. Two strategies that have withstood the test of time. Strategies that you can adapt to your game immediately.


Include Ed Heston’s personal COMPREHENSIVE DON’T STRATEGY.
Reveal the POWER PLACE BET that requires less risk but guarantees higher yields.
Show you why the uneducated player can be a 2:1 underdog with the Come Bet.
Show you how to manipulate table wagers to maximize payoffs.
Show you how to treat Craps as a business and create long term profits.
Show you how and why a new shooter on the Come out roll can destroy your bankroll.
Show you how to once and for all control the 7 and make it work for you.

A Testimonial from a great professional:

“COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS is the knowledge base every Craps player must have in their efforts to win in the long term. Heston is clear, definitive and precise”. This strategy is must reading if you really want to win!
Larry Voight
Author, Situation & Sequence Craps; Surgeon’s Craps, Advanced Surgeon’s Craps
Las Vegas, Nevada – 2006

Regards, Richard Doppler            

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