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A precise knowledge base you must have to win for the long term. For the ADVANCED player.

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 COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS            by Edward Heston



COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS is a professional playing technique developed by one of the most respected names in Las Vegas craps – EDWARD HESTON.  Ed’s craps method is exactly what its name implies..Comprehensive!  

Read what the craps legend Sam Grafstein once said about Ed Heston:

“Richard, there are professional craps players who are just gamblers. There are professional craps players who make a living at it. And then “Bam” there is Eddie Heston”. What an innovator!

Sam “The Dice Doctor” Grafstein

Edward Heston has been on the craps scene for over 40 years. Ed was a successful commodities broker on Wall Street prior to coming to Las Vegas in the 80’s and eventually becoming a Pit Supervisor at two Strip Casinos

With COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS, Ed developed this effective playing method by observing the actions of a small handful of winning “big players” for decades. These high rollers consistently won at his tables and Ed has discovered why!  It was a pattern of sharp play that overturned the house’s edge. He monitored and analyzed this group’s play for from his close vantage point in the “Pits”.  Ed has created his own version of this methodology for both Pass and Don’t Pass situations, designed to adapt to any playing conditions immediately. A “comprehensive” strategy designed to bolster anyone’s game to a professional grade level

With COMPREHENSIVE CRAPS, Ed presents a unique version of both the PASS LINE and DON’T PASS playing techniques designed to both make the killer 7 work for you and to make any shooter the favorite with the Come Out roll

And then there is Ed’s innovative POWER PLACE BET technique, which Ed refers to as his “great equalizer!  The bet is used extensively by most professionals and the move will astound you when you first see it in action!

Although I had observed Ed apply the POWER PLACE BET on many occasions, I never really could follow what he was doing. I really appreciated its strength when I finally saw it on paper.   The sharp Sam Grafstein recognized the full strength of Ed Heston’s technique 25 years ago. Sam appreciated significant craps innovations to the game he loved. And Ed Heston has created one.


Teach you the POWER PLACE BET that requires less risk but guarantees higher yields.

Show you why the uneducated player can be a 2:1 underdog with the Come Bet.

Demonstrate how to manipulate table wagers to maximize payoffs.

Show you how to treat Craps as a business and to subsequently create long term profits.\

Show you how not to destroy your bankroll with a new shooter on the Come out roll. 

Show you how to “once and for all” control the 7 while making it work for you.

The pros play the ”POWER PLACE BET” technique…. so should you! Find out what a “Master’s Craps Strategy” really is!   

The hardcopy cost is $60.00   (was $80)                                                              

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