Power Dice

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Teaches you the winning technique of the POWER WAGER. For ALL playing levels.

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POWER DICE by Chuck Dennis



Why? Frankly, the POWER DICE package is one of the greatest methods for beating Craps in the world.  Master it and the value received by playing POWER DICE can be worth thousands of dollars to the user ANYWHERE craps is offered!  The results are so strong you will play it for life! 

This strategy is 14 pages of craps dynamite!

(From the introduction)

“….there are no gambling stories, anecdotes or experiences included. For humor, we suggest a good novel…this is a short, meaty HOW TO
gambling method that offers the option of winning Big!”

From Page 6..…includes two powerful paragraphs that will save you many times the amount you will pay for this strategy….the first time and EVERY time you play.

From Page 7…..the full truth behind the casino’s “seeming generosity”. How they “suck” you in. 

From Page 8… to eliminate the devastating “GAMBLER’S RUIN”. 

From Page 9… you will learn the technique of the “POWER WAGER”. This move can produce up to 240% MORE PROFIT than a standard Come Bet with odds AND in only two rolls on the very same numbers!!

PAGES10, 11, 12…..the secrets of professional MONEY MANAGEMENT. 3 pages explain it all!

PAGE 13…..”THE HAND”…… to utilize your new great edge!


It is not a Martingale System

It is not a Ponzi Method

It is not a Field System

It does not ask you to out-guess the dice

It does not require ESP, Intuition or Hocus-Pocus

It has nothing to do with Astrology or Biorhythms

It is not a Progressive or Double-up Method

It does not require mathematical genius or a trained memory

It is not difficult to use


Q: Is the method legal?
A: Yes… any casino in the world. It is not suitable for most home games.

Q: Does anyone else offer this information?
A: No. To the best of our knowledge the techniques revealed in POWER DICE have never before been published.

Q: How difficult is POWER DICE to learn?
A: Any average person can master this knowledge in less than 2 hours. My 9 year-old son is very good. Included are instructions to make your own practice layout.

Q: Is there anything else to buy ?
A: No. The POWER DICE package is complete….including an excellent report on GAMBLING AND TAXES (or what to do if you win).

Q: What about money management? Is that important?
A: It is an integral part of POWER DICE. Proper knowledge, discipline and willpower are all essential to success. Without these skills you will probably fail. Find another CHEAPER hobby!

Since you will now be a winning craps player, we will  include  our Gambling & Taxes Report.  This report tells you what to do (and not to do) about  money won at the dice table and how it may be treated far differently than Keno, Lottery, or Horse Racing winnings. Remember, gambling losses are tax deductible! This report will tell you how, when and where.

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