Advanced Surgeon’s Craps


A professional system that takes advantage of “aggregate trend analysis”. For the ADVANCED player.

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 Dear Craps Players:

If you really would like to play craps like a pro, and even for a living, I think we have the ultimate solution…and in comes directly to you from me and the other Gambler’s Emporium craps experts….we call it ADVANCED SURGEON’S CRAPS!

Our team has have proven, without a doubt, that NO casino game is truly a random independent event with a zero sum trial as most of us have always presumed. These events are actually ordered and structured trials! Proper use of this fact can be a tremendous edge for the informed player. And we have discovered this use! The GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM invites you to participate in what we feel will be a life changing craps experience! It is for those who truly want to succeed beyond all of their playing expectations….those who want to play craps “for a living”.

During the extensive beta testing, our team has recorded thousands of rolls of the dice at scores of casino craps tables. The rolls were tabulated on a table by table basis. We found out that a roll of craps was not an independent event. Not a random event. And definitely not a zero fund game!

We have confirmed that once a point is established, the aggregate probability that a point will be made is 40.6%. The point, therefore, will miss out (seven out) 59.4 % of the time. Without our table-roll analysis of thousands of actual casino rolls, how many craps players do you think would know this most important statistic? Probably zero!  

Now we know: the casino’s take-out on the game of craps is more like 30% instead of the often touted 1.41%.


(For convenience sake, we will round off the percentages to 60/40 in favor of “the seven out” ONCE A POINT NUMBER IS ESTABLISHED).

How many times have you played at a table and point after point was missed and sevened-out?  Yet we still persistently played on thinking “It had to turn around”!

The good news is, if we take advantage of this vital 60/40 statistic and precisely adjust our method of play accordingly, we can increase our ability to regularly dominate the game of craps. ADVANCED SURGEON’S CRAPS will show you how to do that!

Listen to what some of our long-time hard-core craps players have to say:

Dear Richard: After an initial reading of the system I was stunned. It is set up in such logical fashion that I was certain it would work without even going to the casino to test it. I rushed out to play the system and blew them away on my first day, winning over $1200. Rules One and Two of the Advanced Surgeon Craps are a revelation as soon a you read them. Richard, thank you so much, it looks like there will be a lot of new craps pros soon. Roger Fonseca, Woodbridge, NJ

Hi everyone. I just received a copy of Advanced Surgeon Craps.  Wow! The theory of the method is really unique…I never saw anything like it. I have played 16 sessions winning 14 and losing 2 for a grand total of $3850 in profits, playing at the $10 level. I am scheduled for retirement in 6 months and I think you guys have given me an additional annuity. You’ve delivered a system that is easy to understand, and one that even an idiot can use to make a steady income with. And with no progressions or complicated ambiguous rules! Richard, thanks a million…. Marty L, Las Vegas


ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS is designed to make you a prohibitive favorite at the Pass Line at all times! You will accomplish this by applying its 3 key elements of unique table play:

  1. You will be shown how to first simply and quickly pre-qualify a table before entering the game.
  2. You will put in play our unique “aggregate trend analysis” to ensure a favorable pass line bias.
  3. Then you will attack play with the powerful ADVANCED SURGEON’S Pass Line Playing Strategy.

During normal table action you will be a strong and steady winner.

During a hot roll……forget about it! YOU WILL DESTROY THE TABLE!

Finally, become a taker not a giver during slow table play!

ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS will force you to play under control!

ADVANCED SURGEON CRAPS’ unique table qualifying methodology will put you in the position to make major scores under highly favorable table conditions!

The strategy includes our unique table qualifying technique to spot the advantageously hot table together with a betting strategy to best attack it. Test it before you play. The results will shock you!

The hardcopy Cost is $30

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