Situation & Sequence Dice


The “line switch” method is so powerful it can overcome a crooked game. For ALL playing levels.

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by Larry Voight

Hello Craps Player:

I am sure you all have heard the Big Lie as told by PIT personel….”no system can ever beat the casinos”. Or, as one pit boss recently said to me.. “Larry,we love systems players – so much so that we can’t get them in here fast enough”.

This casino operator was lying like a rug … and I’m going to tell you why:

1. First of all, even the poorest of systems that is certain to lose in the long run will slow down the rate at which a casino can take your money. So, why would they want casino patrons to loose their money at a slower rate?

2. Secondly, the casino is always searching to plant a seed of doubt in the player’s mind. They love to see players hesitate when large wagers are called for or critical moves are required. To the contrary, system players employ disciplined strategies with structured money management plays etc. They are not influenced at all by house employees trying to disrupt their concentration. Again, casinos do not appreciate this type of player.

3. System players do win! Although 96% of all systems are doomed to failure…the remaining 4% winners pose a major problem for the house. The casinos will do anything to negatively influence play of these winning system players….and they definitely don’t welcome them to their tables. Specially, users of SITUATION & SEQUENCE DICE!


Yes, you can win at casino craps…but you must know what you are doing. You must treat craps as a highly specialized business while you attempt to overcome the house’s winning percentage – which is a low 1.414% on the Pass Line. Why people go into ventures without ever knowing anything about their chances of showing a profit always has puzzled me.

For instance – real estate can be a lucrative business. Would you invest in it blindly without investigating its potential with an expert? Of course not! This same reasoning applies to the game of craps.

SITUATION & SEQUENCE DICE will show you how to attack craps as a business venture and how to destroy its low percentage of edge!


SITUATION & SEQUENCE DICE is the result of many years of research and hard work. It is the strongest betting method that any casino ever tried to beat. Thousands of dice decisions showed SS&D, for example, winning 3582 units for every 710 lost…thus doubling a 710 unit bankroll almost 7 times for every one bankroll lost to the casino! And, the line switch method employed in SS&D is so powerful it can even overcome a crooked game!


In all fairness to those considering S&S DICE – there is not, nor ever can be, a completely infallible method to beat any game where chance events, no matter how small, enter in the picture.All strategies drop bankrolls – no matter what the strategy developer says. However, when S&S DICE players drop a bankroll…..and its rules are strictly adhered to…..the casino involved has to produce the next best thing to a miracle in order to accomplish this.. I’ve played for months before ever dropping a bankroll!

SITUATION & SEQUENCE DICE is as near to infallibility as anyone will ever come in craps. And, when played properly, IT WILL WIN…..or your money back.

No casino dares to base their expectations of profit on 50 or 100 rolls of the dice. Since their profit is derived from the small house percentage…..casinos base their expectations on thousands of decisions. That’s why the house has a maximum wager limit for any single bet. SS&D is based on the same principle…..find the weakest point in house percentage and create a method of play that will win steadily enough to offset the rare occasional loss of bankroll – and still generate a profit.


A. Its rules are easy to understand and are presented with step by step instructions designed to be learned in your own home. It takes practice in order to become a winning player. You must master the strategy’s winning moves before playing for the real money. Master the moves then count your winnings!

B. These situational rules contain a delicate mixture of money management control and practical dice pattern recognition techniques formulated to maximize profit recovery.

C. These rules let you take charge of your financial energies to the extent that you will place bets sequenced to attack the house’s protected advantage – their one area of vulnerability.

Before I retired, the only way to learn SS&D was for me teach it to potential users at the tables on an individual basis. My fee was $1000. Most of my students lived in Nevada and had made gambling their business. But for the average weekend player, that price was much too high. So, I finally put it down on paper for the folks at the Gambler’s Emporium and their valued customers and at a price the average player can afford:

The S&S DICE strategy can be played with any size bankroll from $100 on up and its moves are so strong that it is possible to win even if you lose a great majority of your bets! All betting techniques are taught to you by examples explained in great detail and in very simple language. All critical situations are covered . It will only be a matter of practice until you too can gain confidence enough to use this winning method yourself in actual casino play. Order today! And then…let the games really begin!

The cost for SITUATION & SEQUENCE DICE is $50.00.

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