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THE DOPPLER DON’T PASS STRATEGY           by Richard Doppler



Are you aware that a small handful of players are presently devastating the casinos that offer multiple odds at their craps table ? Did you know that multiple odds can be a tremendous advantage to the Don’t Player – if properly applied?

My 28-year casino study proves unequivocally that bettors lose because they don’t correctly utilize the multiple odds betting presently offered by most casinos in the United States!!

Why throw away your money, session after session, when you can be a consistent winner every time you enter the casino ? Why not eat, drink and see the biggest names in show business  and still go home with more money in your pocket than you started with?

The Doppler Don’t Pass Strategy recognizes the inevitable fact that every shooter must 7 out ! Coupled with the fact that the logic of winning craps is to beat the shooter, my powerful strategy exploits the multiple odds option to the fullest.

My method of play is not a typical asinine progression system that is doomed to failure on any negative cycle, but the finest method of Craps Money Management ever offered to the public – period!

This system of play will show you how to handle the Come Out roll to your optimum advantage. It reveals how to utilize the correct wager in order to yield a tremendous mathematical advantage on the next roll. The DOPPLER DON’T PASS STRATEGY will determine exactly your percentage of bet increase, or decrease, to fully maximize the betting strategy.

Having been a professional craps strategist and mathematician for over 40 years, my experience AND the development of the multiple odds options has finally yielded a method of play that can make even the beginner a consistent winner – as long as my rules are followed exactly.

Test my method in your home – see its power before your own eyes. You will win consistently – hour after hour!

The Doppler Don’t Pass Strategy will open new dimensions in your game that you never thought existed. You will see for yourself that this is a logical and precise method for consistent winnings!

 The player must WIN when it’s rules and methods of play are followed precisely! If The Doppler Don’t Pass Strategy does not make you money, send back the system for a full refund. That’s $40.00 for a system developed to make you play like a pro.

Remember, the amount of money you can make depends on the amount of time you spend at the tables and the size of the bankroll you start with. NO system is infallible, but if these rules are followed and adhered to, it will take a miracle for you to lose your starting bankroll, which can be as low as $100!

Find out what winning is all about. The first 10 minutes you spend on the crap table will more than pay for this strong playing technique.

The cost of the book is $30.00.

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