Two Winning Systems for Racing and Dice (downloadable)

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WIN 3 or 4 RACES PER DAY THAT WIN 90% OF THE TIME! Win $5,000 a week on dice……..PLAYING ONLY TWO (2) HOURS!

Author: Ben Gateman
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by Ben Gateman   (same theory, different methods)

The reason why most horse race and craps players lose is because “they play too much!” They make too many bets and play the majority of their wagers at the WRONG time. Strategic “Spot Plays” employing the “Law of Decreasing Probabilities” for both “games” is the answer!

The “Law of Decreasing Probabilities” explains why “strange” things occur at the races and craps table….and why certain things don’t….like track favorites that win 1/3 of the time. If a favorite wins in six races in a row, then the odds against a favorite winning again in the next race are huge, much more than the expected rate of 2 to 1 for any single race! Obviously in this case, betting against the favorite is much more successful after a series of consecutive favorite wins.

It is the same with casino craps. You are not going to see five sevens in a row very often because the odds of a 1 in 6 occurrence (throwing a seven) happening five times in a row are MUCH greater than 1 in 6!  After years of painstaking research, I have come up with two “Spot Play” systems based on precise method rules that produce consistent winners in each game! The types of plays we are commonly looking for revolve around certain occurrences that happen frequently, but have not occurred recently OR did not happen frequently but have occurred recently! In short, “Spot Plays” that highlight repeating sequences out of the ordinary!

For horseracing, you can expect winners paying odds of 8:1 (OR MORE) over 70% of the time! The strategy is simple to use….you can find your plays in less than five (5) minutes. AND DOESN’T USE PAST PERFORMANCES FOR ANY REASON! The system includes 10 simple method rules that cover all playing situations, with examples for each. Blank forms are included to cover multi-track play. It all boils down to observing the official odds of the first two finishers! Simple….but effective! Test it and see for yourself!

For craps, 6 method rules are given covering most table scenarios with examples for each. They include Pass Line betting, Don’t Pass betting, Field Bets, Betting the 7, 6’s and 8’s, 5’s and 9’s and 4’s and 10’s. Basically, you can stay at one table or go from table to table if you are looking for more hot Spot Play “action”.  No forms for craps play are necessary, only your new “knowledge”!!

This is an amazing new “SPOT PLAY” craps system designed for certain table situations that are extremely advantageous if approached properly. These are plays that win up to 90% of the time and appear regularly to the “trained” eye. This means you will automatically collect 9 out of every 10 times they appear!

You can learn the entire wagering procedure for beating both horses and craps in less than 30 minutes! This is not a pamphlet! It is 48 pages of absolute “DYNAMITE”!

  Ben Gateman

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