G-14 System


My “G-14 System for Horse Racing” must give you at least FIVE WINNERS EACH DAY

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THE G-14 SYSTEM       by Gus Haverstein


My “G-14 System” must give you at least FIVE WINNERS EACH DAY or YOU PAY NOTHING! I’m not kidding! I’ll guarantee you at least (5) FIVE winners each day you play my INCREDIBLE… “G-14 SYSTEM FOR HORSE RACING”… or……. YOU PAY NOTHING!!!

My name is Gus Haverstein, and I’m opening a door of opportunity for you that you better not close… or you’ll be condemned to a life of losing at the races! PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE AND MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!


How long have you been playing the races… one year… two years… five years… how about ten years? I KNOW SOME OF YOU OLD TIMERS HAVE BEEN AROUND ALMOST AS LONG AS ME… AND PEOPLE SAY I’M OLDER THAN GOD!

I have been playing the races since the days when mutual machines were a brand new item… EVEN BEFORE THAT! The point is… DO YOU WANT TO WIN? I mean after all the time you’ve been playing the races… ARE YOUR CONSISTENT WINNER? No, I’ll bet you’re not… BUT IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! “They” don’t want you to win! Who’s “they”? “They”, are the tracks that benefit by you staying a loser. Forget the crap you hear about the track not caring about who wins or how much because they only get a cut from the total pool of money! That’s baloney thicker than truck tires! The whole thing is set up for you to be confused so you lose more than normal… and then chase what you’ve lost… with more than you planned to lose!

The track puts races together that almost defy the ability of even the best handicappers to solve them. It’s done to keep too many short price winners from winning and therefore discouraging racing fans from betting the longshots… WHICH IS WHERE THE TRACK REALLY MAKES MONEY… BECAUSE MOST FANS BET THE WRONG LONGSHOTS!



What I’m trying to tell you is simple… I don’t care where you play… at the track or away from the track at OTB or the race books… “G-14” can give you AT THE VERY LEAST… five winners each and every day you use it… regardless of the time of year… condition of the track, class of the horses… or any other reason you can think of! You Can’t Lose With Winners… and with a Minimum of Five Winners A Day…LOSING MONEY WON’T BE THAT EASY.. AS A MATTER OF FACT..IT WILL BE NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Do you have any idea of how fantastic a feeling it is to know that each day you go to the track or race book / OTB parlor… you will rarely have less than five winners… AND THAT YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY WALK OUT WITH A GOOD PROFIT!!!

I can tell you without a doubt, “G-14” makes me feel more secure than a casino winner! I know I can make money.. I know I can cash winning tickets… I know I can say without the slightest hesitation……TODAY, I AM GOING TO WIN SOME MONEY!

There is only one thing that should be important to you when you play the races… will you win or lose! If you can lose one day with any system or method, then you can lose two days… or three days… or a week, or more! You need something that doesn’t lose… you need something that always can make a profit each and every day… you need something that gives you the winners on a daily basis so you don’t need a federal reserve bank standing behind you… you need something that will return the most incredible profits ever seen… YOU NEED “G-14”!

 These fans know what’s going on! They’ve been using “G-14” for just a short while… and the INCREDIBLE profits this mechanical system is capable of… is already very apparent to them! I’ve reprinted as many letters of praise as possible! This is your chance to be like one of the very happy racing fans below!

“Dear Gus,
I knew you had something for sure, Anybody that’s been around as long as you would know a winner. This “G-14″ thing is so great! I’ve hit about 35 winners just this week… WITH OVER HALF OF THEM PAYING 8 TO 1 OR MORE! I’m about $3,500 ahead on $5 and $10 bets… AND NEXT WEEK I’M DOUBLING MY BETS. This is great! I’m 71 years old, but never I knew I could still get this excited about winning! Thanks Gus.”

Darryl Tustin, New York, NY

“Hey Gus,
Us old timers need to stick together right… so how about you not selling too many copies of this “G-14” system. We don’t want to murder that golden goose!… Since I got your system last week… I’VE WON OVER $6,500! I even hit that big longshot DOLLARMAINE for $88.20! I haven’t lost a single day yet… and I even checked the system out on back copies of the Form for about two months… WITH NOT ONE SINGLE LOSING DAY! I hope this goes on forever! Good luck and long life.”   Mark Branden, Cicero, IL

Dear Mr. Haverstein,
I just can’t believe how this “G-14” system cranks out the winners! Day after day… I’ve never seen so many winners! Just like clockwork it gives you those guaranteed 5 winners a day. It’s so incredible! Yesterday, I only had three winners the whole day… it was the 8th race… a maiden race with all first time starters, and the 9th race was no bargain either. I JUST COULDN’T BELIEVE I WOULD WIN THOSE LAST TWO RACES FOR THE FIVE WINNERS ON THE DAY. I thought for sure I would be the first to have less than five winners… BUT WOW… DID “G-14” COME THROUGH FOR ME! I not only hit the last two races but also did it with two beautiful longshots… WILLOWMAN for $16.80 and DR DAYBORN for $27.20! This is the only system I have ever heard of that really delivers. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Bernie J. Johnson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

 G-14 is Simple….easy to use! As easy as tying your shoe laces! No, I’m not kidding… the answers are right there…”G-14 ” just shows them to you. IT’S COMPLETELY MECHANICAL IN EVERY WAY.. NO JUDGEMENT NEEDED!


It can be played at the track… or away from the track… at the race books and OTB parlors… with no difference in selections, and the same INCREDIBLE results!

G-14 is the most INCREDIBLY consistent system you’ve ever seen… THOUSANDS WON EACH AND EVERY WEEK.. Over $1,500 in winning potential each day on $10 bets across the board!

I’ve been around, I know what I’m talking about… I’ve seen it all, and I’ve never seen ANYTHING that works like this! I’ve been on easy street since I’ve used this thing… AND AFTER 60 YEARS OF LOSING… I KNOW WHAT A WINNER LOOKS LIKE…AND “G-14” IS IT!!!

I don’t know what your pleasure is… favorites… or longshots… or the in-between payoffs…but “G-14” gets them all… BUT IT REALLY SPECIALIZES IN THE LONG ONES…The most amazing payoffs are yours with my “G-14” system for horses!

The cost for G-14 is $60.

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