Insider’s Strategy -Thoroughbreds (downloadable)

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The method revealed in “INSIDER’S STRATEGY” is NOT based solely on statistically relevant data – it is based on Trainer’s lntent! For the AVERAGE PLAYER.

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THE INSIDER’S STRATEGY by Arthur Stanley  (download edition)


First there was pace handicapping. Then came trip handicapping, class handicapping and, most recently, dosage handicapping. And then there are speed ratings, Beyers numbers, Equibase numbers, Thoro-graph figures, Ragozin figures, track variants, personalized adjusted speed ratings, and adjusted variants. And don’t forget track bias and weather conditions. And as if this data accumulation was not enough – computer programs are constantly being written to compile and rate these voluminous statistics. The more statistics utilized, the longer the hours spent key-punching into the computer or agonizing over hand-held calculators hopefully to develop some sort of a logical rating of contenders. And, after establishing the rating, a winner still has to be selected from the list of “potentials”.

The method of play Arthur introduced with his “INSIDER’S STRATEGY” back in 1986 was NOT based solely on statistically relevant data – it was based on something much more tangible and obvious to the sharp observer-Trainer’s lntent! The techniques Arthur Stanley reveal expose this “intent’ to the general racing public and have evolved from decades of being a behind the scenes participant; of being a true “INSIDER”. Arthur’s methods worked back then and they still work now!

Like all of the strategies Arthur has published since, (Explosive Horse, The FORMULA, Energex, Money Horse, Power Lynk, More Horsepower), the “INSIDER’S STRATEGY” will teach you how to think along with the trainers and owners. You will learn to eliminate horses that will lose races they “figured” to win. How to spot animals that are only in races for training purposes. Your target will be sound and exceptionally game horses. You will finally know when a horse, who has been running in sprints, is ready for an easy score in a route. You will clearly see why Arthur is the master of condition handicapping!

Remember, trainers and owners generally look to have an edge over the public in order to make the big “score”. The strength of the INSIDER’S STRATEGY lies in the perception of this ploy. Master this intent, couple your subsequent edge with simple fundamental handicapping skills, and then you too will have the real advantage!

The INSIDER’S STRATEGY is a carefully controlled, highly selective approach to handicapping that was designed to yield long-term winners.. You can now be positive that the winner is included in your selection of contenders. You will become an expert in highlighting horses that have the potential to outrun poor speed and pace numbers! The “INSIDER’S STRATEGY” forces you to make qualified value bets by utilizing selective “back-stretch” information. Information readily available to the “trained observer”.

Arthur Stanley’s experience will do most of the work for you. The “INSIDER’S STRATEGY” will pay for itself many times over with just one winning ticket. These methods have provided countless winners to its many buyers over the years and certainly will be a positive addition to any handicapper’s data base. LEARN from “The Master”    
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