Makido-One (downloadable)

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“Makido-One” handicapping strategy has had 16 years of exotic wagering study. A powerful mechanical system. For the AVERAGE player.

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MAKIDO-ONE by The Makido Group

The GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM is pleased to announce it is now marketing the famous “Makido-One” handicapping strategy. The Makido Group has issued us a limited quantity of books. There will be no more reprints after our allotted batch is sold.

Not 30,40, 50, 60 or even 70%…..WIN 80%


Makido-One”… is a once in a lifetime chance for the average racing fan to cash inon the most INCREDIBLE profit money-making machine ever dreamed of. With “Makido-One” there is no limit to your winning potential. It works for everybody! If you can read, you can use it to win the staggering sums of money.

” Makido-One” is a product of a 16 year study of exotic wagers

” Makido-One” has produced incredible results


” Makido-One” wins more than 80% of all exotic wagers

INCREDIBLE profits at every race track in the U.S. and Canada! Win thousands of dollars in winnings each and every week!!

If you do not like to play the exotics…no problem. Go ahead and play straight win bets. Our system picks the exotics 80% of the time, so you already have the winner. But why would you just want to bet win when the exotics pay so much more? Play both and you will win win win…even MORE!

Dear Racing Fan: More than 16 years ago the Makido Group, a research company originally founded in Hong Kong…took on the most difficult task of the century…finding a winning system for horse racing! They would not accept any concept unless it would return a dollar for dollar profit OR GREATER.

This was their first rule: If the method they developed did not return at least 100% ROI (return on investment), then it was back to the drawing board. Many times over the years they thought they were close, but they just couldn’t crack that 100% barrier. That all changed when they focused their energy on exotic wagers. Then “Makido-One” was born!

This fantastic winning machine not only fulfilled their primary rule…it far exceeded it. ” Makido-One” averaged an astounding 200% return…that’s double what they had hoped for. Not $1 for every dollar invested ….but $2.

This is not some difficult, time consuming method that takes hours to apply.

“Makido-One” takes only a few minutes to use and is completely mechanical!

Imagine what it would be like to win BIG every day you play. Going to the track, OTB parlor or racebook, and walking out with steady cash every day. All on small $1 and $2 combination bets. Can you imagine what the profits would be on $5, $10, and $20 combination wagers?


“Makido-One” is so simple…you can play and win thousands of dollars per month even if you have never seen a horse race before.


Just a few SIMPLE rules that anyone can follow and your done!

“Makido-One” is the end result of the most remarkable study of its kind. You too can win serious money at any track, large or small, with the amazingly simple rules of “Makido-One” !!

What do racing fans have to say about “Makido-One”?

Just read a small portion of the many comments the Makido Group has received in their national test marketing campaign:

 For the Makido Group, Well gentlemen… I must say, I am stunned! I had no idea such profits were still possible these days. You’ve hit upon an idea that no one has ever thought of before. Over $10,000 per month at each track, is an incredible amount of profit for such small bets! Last week alone, I won over $4,000 on just Exactas! Glad I made it under the sales limit. I would have died if I missed it, after what I know now! Thanks a million. Make that thanks a billion.”
Bobby V., San Francisco, Cal

Makido” (people), I’ve been hearing a lot about this thing, but until I got your sales letter, I had no idea what “Makido-One” was. That’s all changed now… since I’ve won over $45,000 In the last month at the race books! No I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been playing 4 and 5 tracks each day… and killing them with monster hits at all the tracks! Walked out the other day with over $14,000 in winnings… THAT’S ONE DAY! The rules are so simple, I didn’t really think I could win. I wouldn’t sell too many of these things, you’ll kill off the golden goose for all of us!”
Larry D, Las Vegas, NV

Makido Research, I’m 71 years old. I thought 1 was dead after 50 years of losing…but after winning over$11,000 the last month… l am reborn! If an old man like me can do it… a baby could use this thing and win. I set aside $50 to start with, and i’ve ran that up to over $11,000 in less than 30 days! I thank you people. I don’t know why you’re selling it, except if all 40 million racing fans buy it… you’ll probably make more selling it than you ever could playing it. And believe me, any true racing fan would kill for this. Thanks again.
George Collins, San Diego, CA

Dear Makido Group: Makido-One has changed my entire life! For over 25 years, I’ve played the horses with never a winning month.With this Makido system, I just can’t seem to lose! I’ve played almost all the tracks on the coast, and so far my winnings have been over $10,000 per month at each of them! My friends are stunned at how I can cash so many big ones…Trifecta after Trifecta…that pay thousands of dollars. I’ve had many $2,000 and $3,000 winning days… and so far, after almost 50 days of play… I’VE YET TO HAVE A LOSING DAY! What can I ever do to repay you? Thank you.
Carl S., Yonkers, NY

With all the limited time we all have these days, sometimes going to the track during the week is just not possible. “Makido-One” turns weekends into FANTASTIC paydays too! Just what kind of winnings am I talking about? Check out this amazing statistic… Over the entire 18 month workout of results… The LEAST amount of money won, on $10 wagers, for any weekend (Sat. & Sun. Only)… was $3,780 ! Many weekends show winnings in excess of $10,000!!

Even though you’ll want to be at the races every day you can… you can still win thousands of dollars if you can only play on weekends! That’s the beauty of this INCREDIBLE system… YOU WIN WHENEVER YOU WANT TO!

Many times we are faced with choices. Choices which can have major impact and direct consequences on what happens from that point on! Racing fans are constantly faced with decisions. It’s deciding which horse is the best of the field… It’s deciding how and how much to bet… Or it’s trying to decide which method for betting the horses will return the most money!

The choices you have right now is simple…You can join the ranks of the many BIG winners now using the INCREDIBLE “Makido-One”….

Or, you can continue on with what you’ve been doing.

Or ignore this information, and hope for some other offer to come along to do what you know “Makido-One” can do.

Or do nothing at all… THE WORST DECISION!!!

Whatever you decide, keep this in mind: This is opportunity knocking on your door… that once in a lifetime chance… that ship that finally came in, ALL ROLLED INTO ONE ! You won’t have this opportunity again, so if your serious about betting the horses… if you are serious about hating to lose… if you are serious about wanting to win INCREDIBLE profits,… week after week… then take that step toward consistent, steady returns, and order the FANTASTIC “Makido-One” today.

Remember, the Makido Group has limited the copy supply for the Gambler’s Emporium. Once the number of books issued has been reached,… NO further copies of “Makido-One” will be sold. This protects the Makido Group’s interest and YOURS!

We normally would market the ” Makido-One” for $75 including our normal 30 day return policy less the processing fee. But since we will not be allotted any further copies of MAKIDO-ONE, this marketing campaign will be our last! We do not want any copies of MAKIDO-ONE left-over. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS!!

So, we have discounted the price of this classic system by a whopping 33%.

Assure yourself a copy of this classic system at this discounted price before our supply of copies is fully depleted. We will never offer MAKIDO-ONE again!

The download cost is $33.


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