Earn $12 To $24 Each Hour (or More) Playing Craps

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Finally learn how to avoid those killer 7’s. For ALL playing levels.

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EARN $12 or $24 PER HOUR (or more) PLAYING CRAPS

by Zeke Feinberg

This professional dice player will teach you how to avoid those bet killing 7’s with a clever betting strategy developed from over 50 years of playing casino craps.

You will win 4 out of 5 playing sessions while risking only a minimum bankroll.

Zeke’s 5 and 8 technique magically reduces the Casino’s advantage to 1.04%!

Shows why those recommended Best Bets are really “horrendous” bets.

This is 205 pages of really HOT craps information, more knowledge per page than any other craps book ever published.

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