$500 A Day System (downloadable)


Yes, there is a way to beat the horses regularly. Tested to make 500 A Day! For the ADVANCED player.

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THE $500 A DAY SYSTEM (downloadable)

by Meehan and Simmons

The authors made over 40 3-day trips to the racetrack to demonstrate the effectiveness of their new strategy. Each time they took 4 players to witness the power of their method. In all, 186 guests attended their play. Of the 186 who were invited, 183 of them paid $1,500 for the system after observing it for only the 3 days!  The proof was in the pudding!

Hello, I’m Dave Meehan:

What I’m now about to tell you will knock your pants off. But first, let me review what the 183 people who paid $1,500 received. Free admission, free clubhouse entry, free dinners and drinks for 3 days. Their report was leather-bound with their name engraved, printed on enamel coated paper. They saw Dave or Mike and knew they were for real. They saw the winning tickets. They saw cash payoffs. They were guaranteed $1,500 profit or their $750 deposit returned. They could speak with them, anytime, over the phone. Of course, all of this is pretty potent stuff.

And I cannot offer you any of this. What I can offer you is a plain paper handicapping strategy with contents identical to the method they used and… fully backed by my marketing partners…THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM. In fact, when you actually see the method, the reality will begin to sink in.


The secret is in what I call the DECISION TREE MATRIX! This unique process allows the player to move from one possible spot play until another until the optimum bet is revealed. These plays are arranged from the highest winning percentage to the lowest. The DECISION TREE process will provide you with a powerful spot play in virtually every race. The method clearly differentiates between sprint and route races and consequently each is handicapped differently. There are seven spot play rules for sprints and five rules for routes. And for those who want to avoid any complicated handicapping angles, my method can also be applied to Public Cosensus Picks!

It should be said, this method may create a temptation for undisciplined betting behavior. The reason for this is that the average win percentage is about 25% with an average mutual of about $15.00! That a win percentage of 1 in 4 races. Although most “chalk” players are used to win percentages in the 30-35% range, waiting for our higher “payoffs” in this system is well worth it. You will find this method to be the most profitable strategy you have ever used!

Working out a race using my innovative DECISION TREE process is a simple matter. EVERYTHING is accounted for with its easy rules.

Learn the 4 conditions that define the BIG WIN horse. This animal is super-fit and almost always wins in its next outing. These types are so fit that they win next time out even against higher company, and at a high rate!

The method will teach you how to spot the “2-RUN” horse, the incredibly fit animal that can actually produce 2 surges in the same race. This is an unusual capability and indicates a horse that is in absolute peak condition. This type will move out to an early lead, wait for the field to catch up, and then run away to a driving win!

And last but not least, the strategy will show you the races to ABSOLUTELY AVOID! The races NOT to play…EVER! This knowledge will save you money on its own.

What is this method going to cost you?

What should you pay for the BEST racing system in the last 50 years, where everything I described is 100% true, all field trips documented, and which is designed TO MAKE $500 A DAY PROFIT? Well, don’t worry … we are not asking $1,000, not $750, not $500, not $250.  

I am asking you to pay $45.00 for the download edition!

Inconceivable? There’s got to be a catch?  Happily, there’s NO CATCH!  And to top it off, there are NO workouts — NO time limit — NO conditions. And, if you’re still thinking this can’t be…. I must be putting you on…. I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU! However, I cannot tell it to you NOW!

It will all become clear when you get your copy.


The cost of the download is $45.00.


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