Killer 20 Booster Report


Author: Arthur Stanley
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Arthur Stanley’s  KILLER 20 BOOSTER REPORT      (download)

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of the Killer 20 Booster Report is to solve the problem of multiple Killer 20 qualifiers in the same race AND how to use the strategy more effectively based on the results of over 3 years of track testing. Our just completed report analyzed the commonality of the race “factors” of 270+ Killer 20 winners….for distance, surface and class. These are posted winners, most of them documented here in Racing Master’s Newsletter. The “factor” trends uncovered in the report reveal that certain increases (stretching out) and decreases (cutting back) of distances, together with a particular class-change (contradictory to the published strategy) produced far more winners than the others.

This particular critical information is combined with other detailed playing observations by Arthur and is guaranteed to increase each user’s ability to flag the best HOT workout horse in the race.

Be sure to have the original KILLER 20 REORT on hand in order to fully maximize the value of the report’s information.

Cost……$20    (download)




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