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A math genius will you how to use his method, and good common sense, to rake in big dollars. For ALL playing levels.

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POWER SLOTS by George Whitcomb

Attention Slot Players:

Los Angeles, March 1, 2002 – George Whitcomb, world expert in Slots, announced today that he plans to offer to the Internet Public – thru his long-time association with THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM – 3,000 of his famous Power Slots Systems . He expects to complete the offering in three months. After that, no more systems will be sold. Because it’s first come, first served, he recommended that anyone interested in winning should place their order immediately. In a recent private interview George explained that……………

“Power Slots gives you a leg up on the casinos. It’s based on special power identification secrets and provides the facts necessary for you to join the inner circle of winners. Years of analytical research, computer study and hard playing experience has made Power Slots unique. It has given players a new and revolutionary breakthrough at the casino.”

Here are 10 other facts that demand your immediate attention……

FACT l. SLOT MACHINES PAY OFF Hundreds of thousands of people make big money at the casinoá That’s why they come back time after time after time. With Power Slots you move into the winners circle. This time you can be the one that gets rich.

FACT 2. This is what Power Slots can do for you — a brand new luxury car every year — exciting winter, summer, spring vacations courtesy of the casinos — travel to other countries. Take your friends or lovers along also

FACT 3. Power Slots is completely legal. No matter how much or how often you win, you will get no heat from the casinos. The casino managers can’t detect or understand your winning method. Just play the machine and listen to the silver dollars rattle and the bells ring—you know the great feeling—and you know what it can mean to your life.

FACT 4. The power approach is very different from anything you’ve seen before. The scientific (but super simple) method unleashes your skill and provides you with strength and power. This new way of inserting positive power will create an expanded dimension to your game.

FACT 5. When you fully understand Whitcomb’s method for winning you will quickly see how easy it is to rise to the top. You don’t need any experience and you don’t have to be an expert mathematician to learn all the slot secrets.

FACT 6. With Power Slots you will not hit the $100,000 or $2,000,000 Jackpot. Instead, you will have the potential to win thousands on a daily basis with a much better chance than is offered you on the $1,000,000 monster slot machine.

FACT 7. By carefully studying the action at the casino, George Whitcomb logically combined the science of pattern recognition with the street smart knowledge of casino operations all over the country …. from Reno to Atlantic City. That’s what makes Power Slots a winner.

FACT 8. The great thing about Power Slots is that you can play for nickels, quarters or dollars. It all depends on your starting bankroll. If you have a short bankroll you can start with nickels, advance to quarters and then to dollars.

FACT 9. Most of the time, it takes big money to make money. Whitcomb designed this system to be the exception to that rule. With Power Slots you can start in your spare time with almost nothing. But of course, you don’t have to start small or stay small. You can go as fast and as far as you wish. The dimensions of your winnings is totally up to you. No one can guarantee how much you will make, but so far this amazing money producing secret has made profits that make other ideas look like peanuts.

FACT 10. Put Power Slots into use today. Solve your money problems now !! If for any reason, whatsoever, you are not 100 % satisfied, return the material and your money will be refunded (less $6.00 processing fee). No ifs, buts, or maybes.

This is what Ed Meyers, publisher of the acclaimed Casino Dealers Book Series, had to say after using George Whitcomb’s amazing system…….

“Use this system if you want to win consistently. IT WORKS. It’s the winning slots technique for the decade….in fact I use it to place my own bets. I am convinced George Whitcomb is a certified SLOTS MASTER.”


Dear Fellow Slots Player: I remember the experience like it was yesterday. It was the ultimate turn-on. I was in Las Vegas and had just proven for the first time that my new slots system was a winner. At that moment I knew that I’d be in the chips for years to come!

The bells were ringing….the lights flashing…..dollars pouring out of the machine. ANOTHER SLOTS JACKPOT….the third one that day. This is what it must be like to be in casino heaven.

The crowd in Caesars was staring and wondering. HOW DOES HE DO IT? How does he know when a machine is ripe? Which Casino? What location on the floor? Three reelers, four reelers, progressives? How does he choose?

Five years have passed since my gambling breakthrough in Vegas. Five years since I mastered slots with a method I developed using the information I discovered in an obscure technical report.


As part of my work on the design of space satellites stations, I come across a report discussing pattern identification (A technique used to clarify fuzzy pictures from space). I quickly scanned the pages and set it aside. After a couple of days I began to realize that there was a strong possibility of applying the material in the report to my specialty — developing winning slot systems. Given both my math and gambling background I knew I could make a killing ! I got really excited…


I’d been a winner at slots for many years. Made thousands of dollars playing the progressive machines with a modification of a Steve Venture system. Over the years I was rewarded with a steady income…..unfortunately less than I needed to support the lifestyle I wanted. That’s why I decided to act fast after I read about the pattern identification break through.. I wanted to take advantage of this emerging technology. The method of prediction discussed in the report was all the proof I needed to start developing a new strategy for winning.


At the outset I re-examined all of the slot material l gathered over the years.., books, magazine articles, scientific studies. I carefully re-studied, searched, probed all the details — just to make sure I didn’t overlook a seemingly trivial part of the game. Something that might turn out to be super important. I put extra energy into my play at Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno. I played, studied, counted, watched — I worked to separate the hype and sales pitch from the truth.

I looked at the odds, percentages,and timing and figured out how pattern identification could effect slots play. I learned to pick a machine, how to work a new one without throwing money away. How to read whether a machine was loose or tight. I threw luck out the door and got down to the business of knowing the game. I re-learned the technique of handling money, timing, and winnings.

I kept studying and exploring, and then late one night it hit me. I quickly set up my computer to perform 300,000 simulated slots pulls. Big bucks were rolling in. The results were overwhelming. After ten months of brain searing analysis and extremely hard work, I had developed a winner. I was now ready for the real action.


Here are some actuul results from a recent trip to Reno. The play was on three reel quarter machines linked to a carousel with a progressive jackpot. There was also a separate jackpot for each machine.The reels had (7’s), Melons and Bars.

Started with five rolls of quarters……..$100.00

Hit first machine jackpot after 20 minutes of play…………………………$225.50

Hit second machine jackpotafter next 45 minutes of play………………….$125.75

Hit third machine jackpot in next hour……………………………………….$145.25

Hit progressive jackpot in 55 minutes……………………………………$631.50

Total time: Three hours and five minutes.

Total Winnings: $803.00

(This $803 amount comes from $1128.00 in total jackpot winnings, minus $325.00, the amount lost during play.)

The night before this hit, I invested $10.00 in this same carousel set up, won $8, and decided not to play. Why? Power Slots told me exactly what to look for !!


Two weeks later I arrived in Vegas. It was late Friday afternoon and the weekend activity was just beginning. I took a taxi from McCarran Airport to CIRCUS-CIRCUS and walked into the slots area of the casino floor. Bells were ringing, big money was rolling in and lights were flashing — it looked as if half of Los Angeles had come to town. I checked out the machines. My first reaction was disappointment. My Power Slots check-off list told me the situation on the floor of CIRCUS-CIRCUS wasn’t right.

It was just getting dark so I decided to cool down and walk to Caesars Palace. The evening air was great. I was a little nervous, but still confident that I would find my winner.

On the way, I pulled the small Power Slots strategy card from my wallet and quickly performed some simple slot calculations. It took about three minutes. By that time I was ready to enter the slots area of Caesars.

$235,365 TO THE WINNER

The bells and lights got me in the gut and head at the same time. All the excitement I ever wonted was here. Right in front of me. On my left was a carousel offering $235,365 to the winner. In front was a million dollar slots jackpot machine with two lines of players feeding it silver dollars. Just as I was walking towards the cashiers cage, an older man in his seventies won a $500 Jackpot. Lights were flashing, silver dollars were rattling out of his machine and a beautiful waitress was looking to give him a Scotch. Big money was flowing and I was in the middle of it all, and with my new system.

After cashing in $50 for fifty-cent pieces and silver dollars, I carefully looked around. Off to the left were all five reelers. Not for me. Next aisle was for the 25¢ players.

With slot machines being played all around me, I walked across the floor and found what I was looking for. There were the easy-to-use type of machines that pattern identification math told me would be there.


An hour later, after consistently winning a bunch of small jackpots, I was up $1250. I had pulled off a super successful slots session. I had proved that my predictable Power Slots system works. This time on the floor of a real casino!! I handed Jennifer a $25 tip. She was the cute 28 year old waitress who was hovering around and feeding me free drinks. I was now ready for the first line Tony Bennett stage show with some long-legged beauties. And for the topping on the cake, my plans included meeting Jennifer by the pool after she got off at 12 midnight.. and continuing the action.

I tried Power Slots for two more days. WOW ! It worked GREAT! I won a total of $7,345. By Sunday afternoon I was so excited I could scream!!! To tell the truth, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.

As I was heading for the airport I kept pinching myself to see if I’d awakened from some wonderful dream. I was so happy because…….. IT WAS NOT A DREAM ! This was for real. Making big money at slots is FANTASTIC. It doesn’t get any better.

And now this is the part you were waiting for. Here’s how you can join me for a guaranteed adventure in winning you’ll never forget.

This special POWER SLOTS offer is for a limited time only…first come first served.

Winning is simple because Power Slots supplies you with a proven easy-to-use betting method.

With Power Slots, you’ll start using good common sense to rake in big dollars. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity., you may never have this chance again.

George Whitcomb

The cost of the POWER SLOTS download is $28.00.


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