This method will show you how to strategically determine where, why, and when slot machines are ready to be loose. For ALL playing levels.

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STRATO-SLOTS by Vic Davidow

Did you ever notice that, in order to reach the Registration Desk of most Casino/Hotels, you had to walk through the main floor of the casino? Did you ever see an outside window from the casino floor? Where was the last clock you ever saw in a gambling establishment?

These same psychological nuances are presentlyutilized by the casinos when they determine the locations for their loose and tight slot machines. Loose machines are targeted for special placement areas designed to economically benefit the casinos. This location selection is critical to the overall profit picture of the house. Let’s look at the numbers:

Only about 5% of all slots are programmed to pay back 99.5% of all of the money put in. All other machines pay from a high of 94% to a rate less than 70%!

The casinos derive the majority of their profits from these tight machines surrounding that one loose paying bandit.

How valuable would it be to know exactly where in the casino you could find these machines and when exactly they were ready to hit? Remember, in every group of tight sucker machines that pay out less than 70% – there is ALWAYS a loose 99% payback machine that can win you thousands of dollars!!

STRATO-SLOTS will show you how to find these huge paying bandits in any casino, at ANY time, and under ANY conditions!!!

Once we have shown you where the hot machine is, the STRATO-SLOTS system will explain, in detail, the professional way to attack it. STRATO-SLOTS will show you:

1. How to strategically determine where, why and when slot machines are ready to be loose. .
2. How to test the loose slot to see if it is in a paying cycle.
3. How to determined exactly how many coins to play and in what sequence.
4. How to benefit from the biggest “mistake” all losing players make.
5. How to utilize pro management techniques designed to make you a dominate player. 6.How to know when the time is precisely perfect to leave a machine!

Are you tired of those long and unsuccessful sessions playing the slots? Have you ever made consistently respectable gains…enough to possibly make a living (or at least supplement whatever income you might presently have)…playing the slots?

Are you willing to subject your slot machine gambling urges to some specialized knowledge and proven wagering disciplines in order to GUARANTEE yourself a winning playing strategy?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, then STRATO-SLOTS is for you!

The author of this system,Vic Davidow Sr., spent over 40 years working on and around slot machines. He spent his last seven years “dominating” those same machines as a fabulously winning player!

If you practice Vic Davidow’s knowledge and solid playing principles daily, you too can become a BIG WINNER in a painfully low-percentage LOSERS game!!

With STRATO-SLOTS , your financial goals can be an economic REALITY!!!

The cost of STRATO-SLOTS is $20.00.

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