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QUANTUM is a strictly mechanical system of selection which is an UNDISPUTED WINNER! For the ADVANCED player.

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QUANTUM by Frank Kerwin

 Dear Fellow Handicapper,

YEARS OF WINNING OVER 80% OF ALL BETS USING “QUANTUM”, plus a Two Year Record of Results… Which is sent with each copy… Shows beyond a shadow of a doubt… That “Quantum” is a strictly mechanical system of selection which is an UNDISPUTED WINNER!!

Two Year Workout Results!

Can anyone demonstrate a winning month… Can anyone demonstrate a winning week… at even just one racetrack? Can anyone demonstrate 50% winners for a week?

Who in their right mind can present 80% Winners over a Two Year Period – not at one track – but as many as THIRTY TRACKS across the country and Canada… at each and every track played… regardless of size and class — and each showed an incredible Flat Bet Profit!

You will see from the workout… The PRICES of the winners are almost as incredible as the win percentage! You’ll see days where three or four longshots romped home … you’ll never again have to experience the horror of having long runs of losers!

If you don’t realize how important “Quantum” can be to you… then you have no business ever putting down a dollar again! You will never be able to attain even the remotest degree of success without the “Quantum” Method! 

 What is QUANTUM?  I will tell you what it is not!

“Quantum” is NOT a tote board system. All selections can be made anywhere bets are taken (OTB, off-track parlors, etc.).

“Quantum” does NOT use speed formulas or speed rating charts!

“Quantum” does NOT bother with jockeys or trainers.

“Quantum” is NOT a weight off or weight on system!

“Quantum” does NOT involve multiple betting, progressions or trick betting of any kind. You select and play one horse per race!

“Quantum” is NOT a spot play method with just one or two plays per day! Six to eight plays per day for each track is average.

 “Quantum” does NOT play only short priced horses. The average price of winners is about $12.00 (5 to 1). Winners range from even money to 40 to 1, and sometimes higher!

“Quantum” is NOT hard to play and understand. About five minutes is required for each race after you know the strategy!

In short, “Quantum” performs to a degree of satisfaction previously unheard of!

It enables you to pinpoint winning selections in almost every single race… at all tracks! The win percentage of “Quantum” has withstood the test of time! It is nothing short of phenomenal. Feast your eyes on these results…and remember, you will receive a TWO YEAR WORKOUT!

1998 – 83% winners (1,116 wins out of 1,345 plays)

1999 – 79% winners (922 wins out of 1,167 plays)

2000 – 81% winners (794 wins out of 980 plays)

2001 – 77% winners (1,099 wins out of 1,427 plays)

These are Statements of Fact:

Carl Horebnik of Chicago did what you will want to do!

“Gentlemen, received my copy of “Quantum” and the 2-year workout. I was skeptical when in the workout I saw you had only one run of five losers in two years, with at most just one or two losers. But, after giving it the test… Wow! In 26 days of play, I’ve yet to have a losing day… but even better… I collected on Jasper Streak $35.20 and Billwanton $43.20 and the $925.00 Daily Double. By the way, I’ve hit 13 daily doubles in the last 26 days. Overwhelming”!                 Carl Horebnik, Chicago, IL

Dave McCracken has won 65% of his exactas at Aqueduct!

“Dear Mr. Kerwin, I’ve been using your “Quantum” for 3 weeks at Aqueduct. I don’t play anything but exactas, and, using your system, I’ve hit about 65% of them so far. I heard your ad on the radio, and it sounded good, but you should say more about how great it is with exactas and daily doubles. Thanks.”        David McCracken, New York, NY


At the present time, over 1000 players are using “Quantum” and only 5 have submitted a refund request! Do you know what the standard request for racing system refunds is? Nearly 20%! We could have gotten over 200 refunds — but only 5 users asked for a refund! That is ½ of 1%!


Dear Gambler’s Emporium: I have been using Quantum on weekends for the last couple of months. WOW! The 80% winners is only half of the story. Check out these prices: $44.20, $56.00, $32.10 to name a few. I won over $3000 in my first 8 days betting $20 flat bets. Life is good!                         Brad Banner,  Las Vegas, NV

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