Reaction Roulette


Works with a small bankroll yet yields consistent profits. For All playing levels.

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by Chester McGiness

My fellow roulette fans:

My name is Chester McGiness and I have studied and played the game of Roulette for longer, I’m sorry to say, then most of you have been on this earth. And during this time I’ve tested and played just about every system out there…and there are many. But since my retirement (14 years ago) I have been using only one strategy….the one I developed and named REACTION ROULETTE.

I arrived at this unique method out of necessity…..I was in my sixties….ready for the fixed budgeting stature of retirement…and not desirous of losing the nest egg of a bankroll I had built up after years of stressful hard-hitting roulette play. Since I play roulette just about every day, a $500 bankroll was all I was willing to be exposed to. When I was younger… me when I say I could ” fire ” with the best of you. My objective now is to win…..and to have positive earnings after every session, if possible. Bankroll reduction and playing stress are personna non gratis with me.

A steady winning  of $40 (or more)  an hour) is what my REACTION ROULETTE STRATEGY yields.

If you want to win.. REACTION ROULETTE is for you!

My strategy is based on the statistical fact that in a chance event…any large deviation from the norm will tend to decrease as the number of trials increase. To take this logic further…Emile Borel, the father of modern probability study, states that “with any 50-50 propositions such as red/black, pass/miss, or heads/tails, there is a 90% chance that any such deviation will not exceed or equal the square root of the total number of trials”.

It is with this logic and by studying decision outcomes of millions of computer trials, that I came upon, by chance, my “rule of sliding averages”.

This rule that works only under the limitations of a small bankroll yet yields the constant profits I required.

A rule that proves without a doubt that cycles have significant impacts on trial results.

A rule that cleverly allows you to cash in on the “reaction” of your wagering “action”.

REACTION ROULETTE overcomes the negative doubts of the spinning wheel with a powerful strategy based on the logic of mathematics and the timely use of my “rule of sliding averages”.

If you are serious about winning at roulette, about limiting your bankroll exposure to around $500, and truly believe that cycles impact results……. REACTION ROULETTE is your ticket to winnings!

Give REACTION ROULETTE a try. You won’t be disappointed!


The cost of REACTION ROULETTE is $40.00.

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