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Keno is a fascinating game that can award prizes over $50,000 in many Las Vegas casinos. It is easy to play but knowing the RIGHT WAY can make you thousands!

Never use scatter gun approaches …you should have a winnng strategy! This book  will reveal powerful systems for number selections for both single and multiple tickets. Learn how to play Keno like a true professional. 

 Remember, there are certain numbers that “always” come up more than others, regardless of the number of games. We also found a continuing group of numbers that were low as far as hits were concerned.  In order to take advantage of these trends,  “Logging” is a must and is explained in great detail. 

See how the Law Of Averages can be a great advantage in Keno.

Learn how to use the  “Interlock” method in order to take advantage of Maturity and Immaturity of Chance!

The book describes describes, in great detail, the “Diamond Corner System”, the “Interlocking System”, the “Logging Systems, and the “High-Low System”.

You MUST have this book if you play Keno!  (37 pages of dynamite)

 The cost of this book is $20.00.


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