The Doppler Advanced Pass Line Strategy

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Shows how to bet optimal amounts at strategically critical times. A WINNING PASS METHOD! For the AVERAGE player.

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 by Richard Doppler

Craps players: Yes, it is true that one of the most dynamic methods of craps play that I have published over the past 30 years has been “THE DOPPLER DON’T PASS” strategy.

But many shooters love to also play the Pass Line.  They just can’t stand when shooters start throwing “numbers”- one after another….all but killing persistent don’t players. My Doppler ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY will show you how to profitably take advantage of this swing in action!

I have finally detailed some powerful alternatives for the devout “DON’T” player when the table suddenly turns “RIGHT” …..when sevens are nowhere to be found and point numbers are flowing like oil!

The HOT SHOOT is rare! Why wait for the table to turn and a qualified DON’T shooter to appear…. but this could be many point numbers and passes of the dice away.

Don’t go to another table…STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!

For the hard-core power player…the DOPPLER ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY is the ultimate answer!

I will show you a PRECISE  place betting concept together with my unique method  of statistical odds wagering that will yield a player’s “impossible” dream…..maximum bet coverage with minimum loss exposure.  This angle has worked for me for years and it will work for you!

Forget those gimmick-loaded Pass-Line systems requiring huge bankrolls and tremendous runs of luck – my strategy can be played aggressively, even with a bankroll of less than $200!

Forget those days of risky and ruinous pressing.

Forget the sucker hedge bets.

If you have played the DOPPLER DON’T PASS STRATEGY, you know what sound play is all about. If you haven’t… should now!

See how smart discipline can turn losses into serious winnings! You will be statistically in control of every wager you make, and thus never be stuck with a high bet on a low percentage play!

Learn to always take multiple odds at the right time and with the exact amount! You will be an “informed player”, strategically betting optimal amounts at the critical times! The ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY totally takes the guesswork out of the game of craps! Remember, when I play the Pass-Line, this is the exact strategy I employ. I devised it, I play it, and, as always, I UNCONDITIONALLY BACK IT.

In closing, as my late friend Sam “The Dice Doctor” Grafstein always said…..“PLAY FOR KEEPS”.

 Richard Doppler

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