The Doppler Advanced Pass Line Strategy


Shows how to bet optimal amounts at strategically critical times. A WINNING PASS METHOD! For the AVERAGE player.

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 by Richard Doppler

Craps players: Yes, it is true, the most dynamic method of craps play that I have published over the past 30 years has been “THE DOPPLER DON’T PASS STRATEGY”. Even today, it is the best Don’t strategy available on the market.

But sadly, we also know that Don’t players get “destroyed” when the shooter starts throwing “number after number”.  As an answer to this dilemma, my ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY was precisely created to take advantage of these swings in the action, both for the Don’t player and the devoted Pass Line player.

Many craps players fire away “wildly” when the numbers start showing, eventually losing everything to the appearance of the deadly seven! At the same time, the Don’t players feel “uncomfortable” playing the suddenly hot Pass Line.  The DOPPLER ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY is the solution for both types of player!   

What I have designed is a mathematically based Pass Line attack that skillfully employs certain Place Bets to the player’s constant advantage….with a “catch”.  

The “catch” is my unique parlay technique that systematically dilutes the casino’s advantage while aggressively producing a steady profit.

Played correctly, The ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY will make any Pass Line Player a regular winner while providing all of the well-placed “action” a craps player could ask for.  It is also a viable answer for the Don’t player who feels uncomfortable playing the Pass Line. Now, you too can enjoy taking advantage of a HOT table for once!

ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY is not a wild “play everything” system nor does it play “dull”. And if you have followed my writings over the years you know that I was a professor and love mathematics! I also love action! And most of all…..I love winning!!

Pass Line Players: The HOT SHOOT is rare. Don’t continue to play like a fool. Guarantee yourself a Pass Line profit. Play the “line” like a pro!

Don’t Pass Players: The ADVANCED PASS LINE STRATEGY is a powerful playing option for the devout Don’t player when the table suddenly turns “RIGHT”. Don’t go to another table…STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!

Precise Place betting together with a calculated method of statistical odds wagering is the ultimate answer to winning. This angle has worked for me for years and it will work for you!

Forget those gimmick-loaded Pass-Line systems requiring huge bankrolls and tremendous runs of luck – my strategy can be played aggressively, even with a bankroll of less than $200!

Forget those days of risky and ruinous pressing.

Forget the sucker hedge bets.

If you have played the DOPPLER DON’T PASS STRATEGY, you know what sound play is all about. If you haven’t…..this Advanced Pass Line strategy is your chance!

Finally, learn how take multiple odds at the right time and bet with the exact amount! Become an “informed player”, strategically betting optimal amounts at the critical times! Take the guesswork out of the game of craps!

Remember, when I play the Pass-Line, this is the exact strategy I employ. I devised it and I play it!

 Richard Doppler

The cost is $40.   

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