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The FORMULA uses race recovery principals with the unique application of readily available speed figures to consistently predict strong winning efforts.

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 2021 WOOD MEMORIAL $146.50

 2021 ARKANSAS DERBY $26.40

Dear Racing Fans,

I have been the developer of winning racing strategies for over thirty years. Strategies like ENERGEX, the MONEY HORSE, POWER LYNK and the famous EXPLOSIVE HORSE, famous for being the first selection method ever based the combination of conditioning and race recovery.

THE EXPLOSIVE HORSE, was the concept that inspired me with the insight to develop my latest endeavor, one that I truly believe to be the most powerful combination of handicapping data ever released to the horse racing world! Taking THE EXPLOSIVE HORSE concept one step further, its refining and upgrading resulted in the MEGA strategy we call THE.FORMULA!

I’ve produced winning concepts before, but none with the high percentage of predictability this method is shows. Users have the valuable ability to project when a horse is ready to explode with the big effort, by implementing THE FORMULA’S unique race analysis concepts.

FORMULA selections consistently produce hard-hitting efforts as evidenced by the results published almost weekly over the last three years by the Gaming Master’s Newsletter, results for the racing world to see:

Results like the 2021 Wood Memorial – Bourbone-$146.50 and the 2021 Arkansas Derby – Super Stock – $26.40.

I guarantee you no other handicapping method in the world had these two winners!  

The book is packed with numerous actual play examples that further bolster the fact that something of great value was created here, something that I have been seeking for decades!

I finally found the “golden goose” of handicapping…I found THE FORMULA!

Arthur Stanley



The FORMULA is an amazing handicapping advisory the likes of which you have never seen before. It is a selection technique that is completely unused by 99% of the racing public! The ingenious method produces a steady stream of high-priced overlay plays capitalizing on a precise sequence of crucial performance efforts and condition recovery situations. Prior to now, these lucrative wagering opportunities were only visible to those “in the know”. The FORMULA will now give you too the valuable ability to highlight the sharp and fit horse that is ready to run a powerfully “energetic” race. You will know when this race will be run, and more importantly…why!

Look at the chart of 3YO filly La Coronel who ran at Keeneland on October, 14.
Can you see why this filly’s first race on 4Nov as a 2YO critically determined what she would do in her last race on 14Oct as a 3YO? The Formula clearly predicted this horse primed and ready for a dominating effort!
As another example of the FORMULA, look at the chart of The Player, a 4YO who ran at Keeneland on October 28.
Look at this race.


BULLETIN: Once the secret of The Formula is revealed, you will instantly see why its concepts cannot be refuted. Remember, the public only looks at the performances of the last few races in order to make their selections. The tote board odds are then established accordingly. Conversely, The Formula, was developed to predict a huge effort, up to twelve weeks before race day! This is why Formula selections consistently go off at high prices and always with great values. The documented results prove this. Past performances do not lie!


Once The Formula’s core handicapping concepts are understood, its great wagering potentials clearly will become apparent. Over fifty race examples were compiled over a recent four month period of “weekend-only” programs at tracks nationwide. Routes, sprints, turf, and dirt…we sampled them all in the effort to prove the overwhelming merits of our discovery. Each and every example highlights the prediction abilities of The Formula. All provide clear proof that the strategy works…and works well. You can break the races down in any manner! Go over them with a microscope! See for yourself how The Formula regularly selects live, sharp, horses that are ready to run…. every time…..with no conjecture!


There is one thing I am sure of in this business….”everyone wants the ability to pick winners”. There are many systems and methods available that can produce this. Fortunately, systems that pick chalk favorites are a dime a dozen. I know, we sell some of the best of them! Picking almost exclusively pricey longshots on a regular basis, with a strategically solid selection methodology…now you’ve got something. Particularly, a system that successfully uses readily available speed figures to quantitatively derive its choice, has never yet been developed….UNTIL NOW!

I am proud to be part of what many will consider Arthur Stanley’s greatest contribution to the art of thoroughbred handicapping. For over thirty years the Gambler’s Emporium has been the exclusive publisher of all of his copyrighted works. Specifically highlighted is The EXPLOSIVE HORSE, which has become the genesis of Arthur’s latest endeavor…The FORMULA. After reading The FORMULA, there is no doubt you too will realize that what we have produced here is an impactive handicapping weapon created specifically to generate high-priced, sharp runners on an everyday basis. No angles or vague probabilities, just solid handicapping principals employing a sophisticated application of readily available speed figures, with a catch! Make no mistake, this copyrighted material has NEVER been seen before. If you pick longshots now, you will pick more utilizing The FORMULA, this we GUARANTEE! If you don’t think The FORMULA is worth every cent, send it back for a full refund if not as promised! Arthur and I are confident that The FORMULA will be your direct pathway to the winners circle for years to come. It will be, for sure, the most creative handicapping process you have ever been exposed to, a process so exciting you will want to play it immediately. Get this knowledge, read it, and start cashing!!


Michael Borowitz,



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