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Some players actually read the workouts as listed at the bottom of the past performances. But most randomly glance at the listed dates, times, and workout distances…making small talk with their friends if they see a bullet. My new KILLER 20 handicapping method will put an end to all of that!

Every player with any experience knows that a trainer rarely, if ever, asks a horse for its best effort in its morning workouts. So, at best, workout times have little value other than assisting in determining the horse’s present condition.

Far more important than time alone is the date when the horse was last worked and how frequently the horse has continued to during what crucial time period! History has repeatedly shown that when a trainer is preparing a horse for a special effort, he will give it plenty of work during this precise time period before the big “crack-down” race. As an owner and trainer myself, I recognized this specific workout frequency within this critical time period years ago….and have been winning with it ever since.

My recently released KILLER 20 METHOD will flag winners from any age group and racing class…from unraced maidens to the veteran older handicap horse, to any horse in-between. Turf or dirt, sprint or route…it does not matter. If the workout pattern is there, the KILLER 20 will reveal the “hot” horse.  This powerful pattern comes up frequently and we have published weekly the high-priced winners to prove it. Look at these rusults:

 Sept.11 – Del Mar – RACE 9 – #9 – Pack a Wahlop…..  $18.00

Sept.11 – Del Mar – RACE 8 – #1 – Angel Nadeshiko…$33.20

Sept.10 – Kentucky Downs – RACE 9 – #8 – Bran……. $22.56

Sept.4Saratoga – RACE 11 – #6 – Leave No Trace….$31.60

Sept 4 – Del Mar – RACE 5 – #3 – Midnight Memories…$13.00

Aug. 27Del Mar – RACE 5 – #6 – Derby Quest…….….$34.80              

Aug. 27 – SaratogaRACE 5 – #5 – Cody’s Wish……..$18.00

 So what exactly is this “KILLER 20”?

When a horse is active in its normal racing cycle, its trainer will seldom work it more than once every 10 days. And sometimes NOT AT ALL! But when he is preparing for a big move, certain things change! The trainer will start to pile on the track workouts in a certain distinct pattern. And when you find a horse that is worked with this specific pattern, it is almost a certainty that the trainer means business in today’s race. The horse’s form is purposefully made less apparent to the general public and for that reason it is likely to go off at a price, as our examples above clearly have shown.

The specific training process discussed here is clearly exposed in the KILLER 20 METHOD!  It is a conditioning routine that winning trainers have used as their ultimate preparation tool for the “big” race for decades. Many, like myself, were taught the process by their training mentors. Some even apply the technique unknowingly, having arrived at it by chance from years of handling thoroughbreds. To my knowledge, this methodology has never been put on paper before!    

What you will get in the KILLER 20 METHOD is a report detailing the precise workout pattern to look for when evaluating workouts for any horse at any age. This unique training move is clear and easy to spot once the concept is revealed to you. If a runner falls within the guidelines explained in the report, you will have a fresh and fit horse ready to win. It’s all in the workouts! A sample past performance chart clearly illustrates the procedure.

Picking live and fresh horses as defined by their conditioning patterns is now consistently possible, if you know what to look for.  And with the availability of simulcasting, the number of selections daily is considerable.

My close clients and I have made money with “The Killer” for years! Many more have picked winners since its recent release. Get the KILLER 20 METHOD, easy to use….easy to play. Now you will always be playing the in-form and ready horse!

The cost is $25


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