Compaq Blackjack (downloadable)

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A non-counting professional grade strategy designed to beat the 6-deck game. For the ADVANCED player.

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COMPAQ BLACKJACK   by Dominic Spence

BLACKJACK ALERT!  The following is Information is what the Casinos DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! Read it for your Blackjack health!

REFUSE TO BE MISLED… The Blackjack concepts we are about to reveal have never been published before. See for yourself why the uninformed player does not have a chance in multi-deck Blackjack games. Fortunately, there are 2 sides to every coin. Read how our radical playing concept was developed and why it is producing incredible table results. Applied knowledge will always trump a negative casino bias.

Dear Blackjack Players:

My name is David Pell and I have been playing blackjack for a living since 2002. I learned my trade as a card counter but, as the rules continued to change, my playing edge also diminished as the house’s advantage steadily increased. I had to find an answer to this dilemma or I was out of the Blackjack business.

To me, the multi-deck games offered everywhere looked like a bias problem caused by the collection of numerous cards at once. But to what degree was the game being influenced by this alleged bias?

 We know Basic Strategy is based on the fact that the dealer will break 28% of the time and will receive a10 or ACE as the up-card 38.4% (we’ll round off to 40% for discussion purposes) of the time. So why was Basic Strategy not working for us in these multi-deck games? Were the dealer percentages holding up over the long term? If not… why? More specific data was obviously required in order to answer these questions. Was there a biased card distribution involved?

I immediately had my friend at UNLV do a computer analysis of six and eight deck card distribution patterns, and it was programmed specifically to highlight the impacts of card clustering during table play. He used two beta testers to chart and field-verify all of the computer generated tendencies. The overall results of our controlled observations were startling!

  • Dealers were receiving ACES & TENS as up-cards at alarmingly HIGHER rates with multiple decks.
  • Dealer break frequencies were way DOWN with multiple decks.
  • Our next question was… why ? The answer to this dilemma revolves around two critical points:
  1. The shuffle and deal of the game.
  2. The way the cards are put in the discard tray.

First, it is absolutely impossible to shuffle 4, 6 or 8 decks of cards in a mathematically random fashion. The procedures required would literally take hours. Secondly, it was apparent that the casinos understood that this non-random shuffle increased their win rates… and thus their ultimate take. Thirdly, it is clear that the way the game is dealt and the manner in which the discards are arranged in the discard rack further increases this negative mathematical bias.


So we now know that Blackjack is NOT an independent trial game. And we have determined that CARD COUNTING simply does not work due to the numerous casino counter-measures… for example low cut card penetration; 6/5 payoffs on blackjacks in many single and double deck games; and preferential shuffling at many casinos.

Actually, the Casinos have secretly INCREASED their house edge in multi-deck Blackjack games!

Playing “perfect” BASIC STRATEGY will no longer “keep you in the game” by itself. Consistent winning will demand further action!

Card counting has become OBSOLETE!

 COMPAQ BLACKJACK requires no card counting…EVER! It is a reactive strike against the multi-deck Blackjack game that is practical, easy to employ, and extremely effective. COMPAQ BLACKJACK is not just a strategy….it is a weapon!


COMPAQ BLACKJACK will show you how to observe a multi-deck shoe for both the positive and the negative warning signs. You will no longer play in conditions where the player loses at a rate higher than those that Basic Strategy play would dictate. You will be shown exactly when to attack the table or when to take an evasive posture.

By utilizing 5 simple rules, COMPAQ BLACKJACK will show you how to play only in positive scenarios by pre-qualifying the table before you play. Never play in negative expectation conditions again!

In a nutshell, COMPAQ BLACKJACK will teach you…without card counting, how to eliminate the negative biased clumped games before entering play.

Bottom line, all of the casinos who offer multi-deck Blackjack are legally CHEATING THEIR PLAYERS! DON’T BE CHEATED AGAIN!

Inoculate yourself from this casino induced clumping “virus” by keeping your guard up at all times. Don’t fight a negatively biased table…it would be like throwing your money directly into the sewer.. COMPAQ BLACKJACK will act as your personal firewall against the multi-deck blackjack clumping virus.

COMPAQ BLACKJACK will provide you with the professional knowledge and precise playing technique necessary in order to consistently beat today’s multi-deck Blackjack game.

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