Compaq Blackjack

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A non-counting professional grade strategy designed to beat the 6-deck game. For the ADVANCED player.

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COMPAQ BLACKJACK   by Dominic Spence



There is a reason why a even a blackjack professional can play multi-deck Blackjack, with perfect Basic Strategy, and lose more than the so-called house edge of .55%. And in some cases… a lot more! The Gambler’s Emporium sent their blackjack professionals to the tables to find the answers.

We first conducted a computer analysis of six and eight deck card distribution patterns, programming them specifically to highlight any impacts of card “clustering” during table play. We used two contract beta testers to chart and field-verify all of the resultant computer generated tendencies. The results of our controlled observations were startling!

Dealers received ACES & TENS as up-cards at alarmingly HIGH rates!

Dealer break frequencies were way DOWN!

Why were these card patterns occurring? The answer is focused around two critical points:

  1. The shuffle and deal of the game.
  2. The way the cards are put in the discard tray.

First, we know It is absolutely impossible to shuffle 4,6 or 8 decks of cards in a mathematically random fashion. The procedure required would literally take hours.

Secondly, it was apparent that the casinos know that this non-random shuffle increases their win rates… and thus their ultimate take.

Thirdly, it is clear that the way the cards are actually dealt and the manner in which the discards are arranged in the discard rack by the dealers further increases the house’s edge. 

Our observations have determined that card clumping patterns, like the one in the following example, can and will influence future shuffles and the resultant hands that are dealt. This sample pattern clearly proves that Blackjack actually is NOT an independent trial game…. NOT EVEN REMOTELY! Look at this example called the “High Deuce Pattern”:

The High Deuce phenomena is a common ruinous card-clumping sequence that we spotted during our research. In this case, the dealer has a 9 as his upcard.

Player 1 has a 10 and a 2 for a total of 12.

Basic strategy dictates that the 12 be hit.

The player gets a 10 valued card as his hit card, busts with 22.

This three card grouping of 10, 2, 10 gets immediately placed in the discard tray. We have created a  slug of 10 value cards in the tray which most likely will survive an inadequate shuffle, which is now common. This particularly slug of cards will continue to show up as more shoe hands are played. In essence, the deuce becomes a 10 value card in some of the upcoming deals!

  • The fact is, the Casinos have secretly INCREASED their house edge in multi-deck Blackjack games because of how the cards are gathered and dealt.
  • Playing “perfect” BASIC STRATEGY will no longer “keep you in the game” by itself. And the multi-deck shoes have made card counting obsolete.

Identifying favorable card clusters is the answer.

In a nutshell, COMPAQ BLACKJACK will reveal to you…without card counting, how to eliminate the negative biased clumped games before entering play.

You will be shown how to observe a multi-deck shoe for both the highly positive and the deadly negative warning signals. You will no longer play in conditions where the player loses at a rate substantially higher than those that Basic Strategy play would dictate.  

By utilizing 5 simple rules, COMPAQ BLACKJACK will show you how to easily spot money-making card scenarios by pre-qualifying the table before you sit down and play.

You will never play in negative expectation card conditions again!

Listen to what Charles W has to say:

Dominic:   I enjoy Blackjack but I kind of gave up on it. I just couldn’t win at it anymore. Your COMPAQ BJ method changed everything! I have been winning regularly from the first day.   This has been going on for 5 months so I’m confident these positive results aren’t about to change. Needless to say, I am very pleased. Thank you for your great advice.

Charles Wisnowski, Malta, NY

COMPAQ BLACKJACK is easy to learn and simple to play!  With your new knowledge and some basic professional playing techniques…you will not just play casino Blackjack for amusement, you can play it for positive cash flow!


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