Equalization Blackjack

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A strategy, designed by a professional, specifically to beat today’s changing blackjack game. For ALL playing levels.

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If you could play blackjack hour after hour and win hand after hand – would you? Of course you would …..except we all know that the probability of this event happening is a mathematical impossibility.




My name is Steve “Dominic” Spence and I have been playing blackjack for a living since 1972. As a graduate engineer, my infatuation with numbers showed me early on that blackjack could be a deterministic game – playing situations could be predicted based on the cards revealed during play. Some form of card counting looked like the logical answer. I MASTERED THEM ALL!

First there was Thorpe’s Ten Count.Then Larry Revere’s Advanced Count followed by count strategies by Lance Humble, Stanford Wong, Jerry Patterson, and the greatest of them all….Ken Uston. And it was my association with Ken Uston that finally showed me the loopholes that amazingly reversed the house advantage to my favor…..loopholes that consistently impact the outcome positively…. loopholes readily available to the average weekend player.

WE WON $10,000 PER WEEK!      

Ken Uston recruited me in Las Vegas in 1976 to play on his blackjack team. But in order to be a successful candidate, Uston required an intensive training program for his team prospects. Under his direct supervision the player was schooled in his techniques and playing philosophies. Uston had devised numerous drills, based on technique and speed, that subjected his players to intense pressures but ultimately yielded consistent big-time winning play for his teams.

We won an average $10,000 + per man per week…for months on end! But it was his attention to the details of each individual’s “player’s impact”, winning play philosophy if you will, that made Ken the great strategist that he was. It was clearly apparent to me that his “player’s impact” strategies were the ultimate winning moves for the game of blackjack ..and I have applied them religiously until this day! And yes, there was more to the game of blackjack than just card counting. Uston introduced me to the science of gambling psychology and its huge impacts on winning and losing. Emotional reactions, behavioral patterns, the understanding of positive cycles, and effective money management techniques are all elements of “player’s impact” and all play a large role on the business of winning blackjack.

The advantage of sophisticated card counting strategies have been offset by multi-deck games, random shuffling, low penetration of cut cards, and high levels of casino awareness. The success of multi-level card count systems are a thing of the past. My EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK strategy is NOT!

If you have studied other books and systems on blackjack…keep them! The concept of EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK utilizes all valid and mathematically sound principles of winning play. It also recognizes the obvious value of correct basic strategy.

What EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK will give you that the other methods don’t are certain critical player’s impact procedures designed to systematically enhance your total game. Loopholes readily available during table play that, by themselves, can equalize the house advantage. Sharp players CAN and DO impact the outcomes in certain playing situations.

EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK will show you how without any sophisticated and complex card counting procedures.

EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK will upgrade the awareness of your own gambling psychology and cycle observation – both critical elements required in order to dominate in today’s difficult game. I have even included my own personal money management system which has been a steady winner for me since the Uston years.

The bad news: the easy-to-beat deep deck penetration games are gone FOREVER!

The good news: my player’s impact strategies, all contained in EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK, is  now available to the general gambling public, courtesy of the Gambler’s Emporium.

EQUALIZATION BLACKJACK contains everything you need to know to become a consistent winner at the game of Twenty-One.

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