Pre-Setting Dice

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The most authoritative book on altering the outcome of dice ever written. For ALL playing levels.

Author: Zeke Fineberg
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                              SHOWS HOW TO BECOME A MASTER DICE MANIPULATOR!

PRE-SETTING DICE by Zeke Feinberg

This is the most authoritative work on altering dice ever written!

Shows the appearance frequency of dice totals with different in-hand arrangement combinations.  Instructs how to table-toss these particular combinations. The book also details pre-set dice techniques for throwing:

Come-Out roll numbers

Inside Numbers after the point has been established

All six place bet numbers once the point number is determined

The book describes the precise procedures for tossing the dice. It also reveals a powerful betting strategy designed to take advantage of your new pre-setting dice skills.  

This publication is a must-have if you really enjoy tossing the dice and want to influence the table outcome. Great for right and/or wrong bettors!  You will never “pass” the dice again!


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