Winning At Craps

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If you are a seasoned player with some idea of percentages, but do not know exactly what they are or how to decipher them….this book is for you. For ALL playing levels.

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WINNING AT CRAPS    by Dr. Lloyd Commins

If you study the game you know this fact: “Craps is not only a game of luck!”

TESTIMONIAL: “From one professor to another, Dr. Commins’ approach to craps is a must read for the serious player who values critical information presented in a unique format and wants to improve his game. Good work Lloyd!                  Richard Doppler

WINNING AT CRAPS was designed to be a strong investment into a dice strategy. It was written for both the seasoned and “experienced” player. It is perfect for the logical person who requires a sense of procedure and methodology when they gamble. Dr. Commins has acquired these skills in craps from mathematical study, table testing, and the valuable knowledge derived from the school of “hard knocks”.

This type of player has some idea of percentages, but does not know exactly what they are and how they can benefit him. His answer to technical questions about the percentages of craps is, “It’s a bad bet.”  The ignorance of the importance of key craps “numbers” can result in the uninformed player making unadvisable and bad wagers. 

Dr Commins doesn’t rely on the word “luck.” He teaches the recognition of craps cycles and how to take advantage of them, bolstered by the knowledge of basic math. The professor feels this is how today’s serious player should approach the game. In other words, combine a thorough knowledge of what you are doing together with certain positive mathematical conditions! Simple…but it wins!

You will learn how to manipulate every point using the odds. He explains, for the first time, why certain bets are located in certain positions on the table. He advocates all of the strong plays and clearly demonstrates why. The Doctor’s goal is to show you how to play craps when there is the least percentage against you. Never disregard the percentages or YOU WILL LOSE!

The WINNING AT CRAPS strategy will tell you the do’s and don’ts for every type of bet there is. No craps book ever took this author’s unique, but scientific, approach to playing craps. You will not find the critical craps information formatted in such a “digestible” manner in any other book. It is sure to widen the eyes of any dice player. (90 pages)

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