Quinella Crusher


An innovative quinella bet leveraging technique keyed to the runner’s odds. For ALL playing levels.

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QUINELLA CRUSHER (For Horses & Dogs)        by Arthur Stanley

As most professional players will tell you, the Quinella bet presents many advantages over other exotic wagering propositions – if skillfully applied as a leveraging technique. Some use it as hedge bet in combination with a strong Win wager. Others use it in lieu of a Place Bet. Still others use it in tandem with the straight Exacta plays, saving considerable money by not boxing Exactas.

Like you, I have used the Quinella in all of these ways for years and always found it to be a fairly consistent money maker…until my conversation with my friend Gerry.

Gerry and I shared a house with the Gambler’s Emorium gang at Saratoga a few years back and during that meet I noticed a strange phenomenon..Gerry absolutely “crushed” the Quinella races! Day after day – sprinters, routers, maidens, slop, turf….if it was a Quinella race, Gerry generally made a daily major score.

Now both of us played the horses for a living but we rarely discussed our individual handicapping techniques. I have gone the owner-trainer route during my career. Gerry is the traditional professional gambler – card counting in blackjack, football wagering….but his favorite pastime is the track. He is very good at what he does and he lives substantially to prove it. With all of that being said, I had to know how he won so regularly with my old favorite – the Quinella wager. What did he know that I didn’t?


His explanation was actually quite simple. Gerry learned to take advantage of his edge with the Quinella much like he did when he was counting cards with his buddy Kenny Uston. With blackjack, Gerry knew the game was the only one in the casino that was deterministic. (Thru his card counting procedures, Gerry could determine the imbalance in 10-valued cards and aces. As the low cards left the shoe, the remainder were rich in aces and tens, the cards that make you a winner in 21. As the shoe becomes richer, the percentages tilt in the player’s favor proportionally).

Gerry’s Quinella wagering technique utilizes the same principle of recognizing when the percentages are in his favor!! And you don’t have to be a handicapping expert…. You’ll still win!!!

That’s why it didn’t matter what type of race he was playing. Even first time starters. All you have to remember is the favorite runs first or second nearly 50% of the time. ..at all conditions…at all tracks! Yes, all tracks, including flats, harness, and dogs!


What am I saying here?                                                               With Gerry’s method, it is now possible to go to the windows with the sure knowledge that the percentages are strongly in your favor. This is an edge one rarely finds in any  gambling situation. An edge that doesn’t require you to increase your bet in order to “catch up”.

An edge that doubles your money with every winning bet!

What’s the price for this valuable technique?

NOW only $30.00!

If you are a casual player, the QUINELLA CRUSHER will make you a steady winner. If you are a serious player, the power of the QUINELLA CRUSHER will be one more bomb in your arsenal.

Arthur Stanley

The cost of the QUINELLA CRUSHER is $30.00.

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