Razor Sharp Longshots


A systematic handicapping procedure relying on basic past performance data. For ALL playing levels.

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RAZORSHARP LONGSHOTS         by Sam Shelton (download)

The old timers on my mailing list will recognize my name immediately. You might have been a previous client of mine or you may have read my current works in Gaming Master’s Newsletter, of which I am privileged to be a Contributing Editor (I am in today’s issue).

Many of my clients will recall the many winners, (and losers), they shared with me throughout my forty years of offering my selected picks and phone selections to the racing public. You all know I am a serious handicapper!

A few years ago I started working on an “ultimate” racing strategy, something I hoped would eventually produce a great value. So I began to tweak, massage, and extrapolate my lifelong “toolbox” of horserace handicapping principals and stable knowledge. I did the research, ran the “numbers”, and did the legwork.

At first I was not convinced that the final methodology would stand the test of time. Many of my previous strategy strategies, when combined into a single method, had eventually failed me. I was sure this time my new concept would be a winner, after all, it was the grand culmination of all of my experiences in racing. So I started testing it. It was “off to the races” from that point and I never looked back.  

 I learned, during my decades of handicapping, that one key element for any winning strategy had to be dealt with:

NO ONE… and I mean NO ONE… EVER MAKES ANY SERIOUS MONEY PLAYING FAVORITES AND SHORT-PRICED SELECTIONS! Every year, the short priced selections of the general public LOSE MILLIONS on a flat bet basis. So my method had to be designed to produce high odds  longshots!  

The new methodology that evolved is called the RAZOR SHARP LONGSHOT SYSTEM! I started playing and testing it twenty years ago and I still use it to this day!!

The most astounding fact about my system is the percentage of winners…..56% in an average month of plays! The average mutual was an even more stunning…… $17.40!

So now let’s look at the data of one month of actual plays I made, mainly at Belmont. I have picked this particular month because it reflects the average of all of the other times I played. Some months were better, and some not as good, but this particular month happened to be the perfect average.

There were 296 plays of which 165 were winners…. THIS IS A WIN RATE OF 56%.

Based on $2 flat bets, a total of $592 was bet to win which returned $2,869…which equaled a flat bet profit of $2,272. The average return per dollar bet to win was $4.85. Again, the average win mutual price was a whopping $17.40!

 All $2 WIN BETS averaged $524 PROFIT PER WEEK! 

I will not say how much I personally netted during these testing years, but based upon $2 win bets and $2 place bets, and without betting exotics, my  profits during those years of play would have been $38,380; $40,100, $38,100, $39,450; and $40,360. (These figures included time off for travel, etc.) This is based upon my action by either attending live racing or OTB simulcast play at various locations.

But remember, my clients know I am not a $2 bettor…far from it… so these winnings were substantially more!


  1. It wins at all tracks, cheap or classy!
  2. It wins during all seasons of the year, so you don’t have to worry about track conditions or changes of tracks.
  3. It is easy to understand. However you must sit down, pay attention and read it through. I will show you examples of the rules; you don’t need any special knowledge that I do not supply in the rules. But you will need to use your brain a little. It is not for morons! You’re not going to repeat my results by applying zero effort! You will not be making selections in two seconds! Be realistic.
  4. You don’t need personal judgement…it is mechanical… all user get the same plays at the same tracks.
  5. It will enable you to pick longshot exactas, trifectas, doubles, and P3’s. You will have a 2nd and 3rd choice in most races. I even tell you how to figure Maiden races, just in case you want to use one in a double or other exotic. (I personally never touch Maiden Races).
  6. You will be ready to play and bet money just as soon as you have grasped my clearly written and unambiguous rules…you need no information except that contained in my rules and data from the Racing Form.
  7. I always personally preferred flat bets over the exotics, but now I find great values in the Doubles, P3’s and P4’s.  My first choice selection methods are perfect for these plays.
  8. You make every selection yourself; you never consult any other handicapper, online tout, consensus, or “computer wizard”.
  9. You will average about 4 plays per day per track, and with simulcasting, you can play to your hearts content! 

Remember, my system is copyrighted by the GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM and may not be reproduced in whole or part under penalty of law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM.

By playing RazorSharp Longshots, you too now can look forward to WINNING

And be sure to read my weekly articles in Gaming Master’s Newsletter for the latest tips. (see my current article above on “jail moves”)!

   The cost of the book is $50.

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