Super Dice

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An extraordinary mechanical system using math principles yielding great results. For ALL playing levels.

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SUPER DICE by Rod Stevens

Starting With Less Than $100 You Can Win $200 Per Hour or $1000 Per NIGHT With My Winning Super Dice System.

If I could show you a dice system where you will always win one single dollar with super-duper boom-boom 100% winning move, every time you play at the crap table, would you go for it? Of course you would – except there is no such thing.

Would you go for a proposition that would yield you a hundred dollar bill pure profit after each session at the crap pit? You’d snap it up – except there is no such animal. Would you go for a 100% pledge that will leave you with a handful of C-notes at the end of each bout with the dice? Here again, of course you would – but again, there is no such proposition in all the world. We all know that.

For our whole life we’ve been brainwashed by straight-laced gambling “experts” who have said over and over again “there is no way to beat the house”. There is no way to win on the crap tables. Or is there?

Got a news clipping here for you: A few years ago the world lost its foremost contemporary mathematician: Ivan M. Vinogradow, a Russian Einstein, and top expert of the “whole number theory”, an abstruse scientific specialty concerning the properties of whole numbers.  What has all that to do with the behavior of the dice?

Well, over the years some of Ivan’s thoughts have been published and translated into English, pondered about by scholars and professional gamblers here in this country; and the bottom line is, that the gambling “experts” have lied to us.

As it turns out, the fat cat casino owners fabricated the “no way to beat the house” myth about thirty years ago. They did it so that the unsuspecting Las Vegas tourists would readily accept losing. It was spread very quickly by the self-appointed gambling “experts” who regularly lost their stakes on the tables, and to save face, told everyone that it was impossible to win because of the built-in house odds at the casino games. This is the reason why the myth today is accepted by almost everyone.

You have certainly heard of some people who win consistently, maybe some people even in your social circle, that seem to come home from their gambling trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic City flush with casino money, having had a wonderful time, and are very tight-lipped about their adventures at the tables. The ones that brag about how much luck they had and how smart they were when gambling, are the ones that usually lost their bankroll and lived off their credit cards for the remainder of their stay.

Let’s dwell for a moment on the possibilities of the tight-lipped winners, the ones that always seem to have a continuous love affair with Lady Luck. What magic formula do these consistent winners possess that we don’t know about?

By the way, have you ever noticed how many people are advertising sure-fire crap systems?  And you know what? I think I’ve bought them all. Trouble is that I just love to shoot the dice, I need the excitement on the tables, the camaraderie, when the table grows glowing hot like a slice of burning toast. But hold on to your head gear. Casino games were not designed to favor the players.

When I tell you that I have found a way to win on the dice tables, would you listen more closely? Remember, I am saying: winning at the crap table, not beating the crap table.  . Not by playing the proposition bets, and certainly not on the line, because my method is not intended to be a slow win/loss factor grind, or to squeeze out a few percentage points out of the risk ratio.

This system may not make you a millionaire this year or the next, but it can solve all your present-day urgent money problems, especially when you apply it in a responsible controlled way. Don’t let my method lead you to the illusion that you will get something for nothing. My dice system still requires some brainwork and your willingness to put in a few moments of your time to learn and remember it.

If you are wondering what this winning crap system is all about, et me start by telling you what it is not:

It is not a crazy scheme and it is not a scientific system that could drive you up the wall for its complexity.

It is not a chart, with so many numbers on it that it makes you cross-eyed whenever you look at it for reference when playing.

It is not a book on how to beat the crap tables that leaves you cold and confused. In fact, it is not anything you have seen before in any magazine or in any book.

And no, it is not a complicated formula that only mathematicians can figure out, or maybe a stupid, intelligence insulting angle that works only occasionally. None of the above.

What is it then? It can best be described as an extra-ordinary mechanical system that gives you fantastic results. It is based on established mathematical principles and is actually the simplistic result of all of the research that was done over a long period of time. It has been totally proven and, after you read it, will not leave even the slightest trace of a doubt in your mind. And the profits can be spectacular.

The irony is that my method is really not a secret system. I have seen professional gamblers in Las Vegas use the concept and do very well with it. The strategy really emphasizes their strength in knowing when to play and when to pass.

You can easily play Super Dice using a bankroll as small as $100. You can expect to win $90 every hour on an average, playing with only small $5 and $10 bets. And this is only a guideline, you can set the amount you like. 

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