The Crapsmen Collection (hardcopy)

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200 articles by the masters, 40 Systems that sell for hundreds, 300 pages. For ALL playing levels.

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 Attention Craps Players:

Did you ever play craps at a “cold” table and proceed to lose your shirt while the guy next to you, playing with similar wagers, wound up a huge winner?

Do you know precisely which bets take advantage of multiple odds situations and the exact sequence in which you should place them?

Do you know what the experts mean by playing to your bankroll? How about “controlled pressing”; or the only time to use hedge bets; or dice manipulation techniques: or how about predicting craps cycles BEFORE they occur?

If you don’t know the answers to all of these basic situations, there are hundreds of expert crap players who do. Players who have the inside track on strategies, systems, and methods of money management that have made them consistent winners at the tables for years. Players who are considered “tough action” by the casinos.

How did many of them cultivate this priceless knowledge and information? They were subscribers to THE CRAPSMEN – “The Experts” Newsletter on Craps”- the world’s most authoritative publication on the game of casino dice!

Knowing this, we have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that THE CRAPSMEN is no longer published. Why, because there isn’t any more to write about on the game of craps that wasn’t included in the 24 information packed issues published over six years….. period!

The good news is that the entire four volume series of THE CRAPSMEN is now available in one fabulous CRAPSMEN COLLECTION.

That’s over 200 articles penned by the absolute masters of the game. Writers and authors like Sam Grafstein – “The Dice Doctor”; Frank Barstow – author of “Beat the Casino”; Larry Voight- Developer of the “Advanced Surgeon’s Craps System; Tom Midgely – the master of dice cycles; John Patrick-writer of “So You Wanna Be A Gambler?”; Edward Heston – professional gambler and author of “Playing Craps For A Living”; Dr. Richard Doppler – the author of the most powerful “Don’t” and “Pass” strategies ever devised; and many more expert strategists, professional players, dealers, pit bosses, and successful high roller players.

This lineup of experts tell the inside story with their years of valuable experience. The CRAPSMEN COLLECTION includes over 40 systems alone – systems that sell for $50 apiece, some for more! Systems that have won millions for thousands. Here is a sample of some of the strategies that are included :


THE CONTROLLED PRESS SYSTEM                                                THE “VICTOR” FIELD SYSTEM

Let Sam Grafstein tell you why a “due” player is doomed. Allow Tom Midgely to  show you that there are such things as winning dice cycles and how to predict them. Tim Morgan finally exposes the intricacies of the popular Come Bet. And let the greatest Don’t strategist of all time, Richard Doppler, show you how to finally be a consistent back-line winner using his proven methods.

Learn the winning techniques of the masters from the masters:

Discipline, money management, off-setting bets, dice manipulation, cheating, private dice games, gambling and the IRS, progression systems, draw-down systems, tournament craps, junkets, book reviews, system reviews. multiple odds play, field bets, hedge bets, hardway plays – anything and everything on the game of craps.

One hardbound book covers the whole deal: 200+ craps articles, 40+ craps systems!

Why pay $40 for ONE craps book that repeats the same old garbage or even $50 for ONE craps system written on ten lines? The systems included in the CRAPSMEN COLLECTION alone retail for over $1000!

You can now own the most complete and authoritative collection of craps information ever released to the gaming public! Learn everything there is in order to finally “play for keeps”. Thousands of copies have been sold for $100! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY A BOOK OR SYSTEM ON CRAPS AGAIN!!

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