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A professional grade strategy that produces steady profits at low risk. For ALL playing levels.

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POWER PLAY by Ted Ca$h

A simple and extremely effective leverage play, with a catch, that will amaze even an advanced player.

Developed by pro player, ex-pit boss and chief beta tester for THE GAMBLER’S EMPORIUM, Ted Cash (aka Mr. Money), this dynamic method of play produces steady profits…..with a low risk of investment.

Easy to learn and master, you can be ready for the tables tonight.

• Ted’s professional methods will give you options for both HOT and COLD tables. Developed on the craps tables of Las Vegas.

We urge you to test the strategy before playing it. You will see the strength of these unique moves immediately. If you think you knew it all about craps……you don’t!

Every serious player should employ this technique. This will be the best $20.00 you ever invested!

The POWER PLAY is highly endorsed by: Richard Doppler, Edward Heston, Larry Voight, Rod Stevens, and Ed Daine!

If they play it you should too!

The download cost is $20.00.


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