Dark Horse Secret


Occasionally all of us receive the “word” on certain hot horses; we never actually received the “key”.John Madigan found the concept. For the AVERAGE player.

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Weston (Wes) Fairbank was one of the nation’s leading thoroughbred handicappers thirty or so years ago. This renowned handicapper has been retired in Miami for the last ten…..playing golf, fishing and, of course, GOING TO THE TRACK!

Wes developed a powerful racing strategy over twenty years ago and marketed it nationally under the name of THE DARK HORSE SECRET. And with the DARK HORSE SECRET strategy comes the name of John Madigan.

Madigan is a well-known professional horse player in his own right.  Based out of Astoria, NY, John is known in the racing circles for providing the famous gambler “Jimmy The Greek” with much of his horse racing “inside information”. His handicapping prowess at Saratoga and Belmont has become legendary. John is also a top contributing editor to the Gaming Master’s Newsletter, working with his long-time colleague Arthur Stanley.

John was contracted a few years ago to independently review and test the then twenty- year old DARK HORSE SECRET strategy by its original developer, Wes Fairbank. Wes was looking into the possibilities of re-marketing his strategy through the internet and the Gambler’s Emporium. Wes insisted his system still won for him at a remarkable rate….and he was confident it could still do so for all present-day players. So to be certain of this, John was retained to test it under today’s racing standards.

John’s fee was high….$50,000 plus a playing bankroll of $20,000 and expenses! For this, John agreed to Beta Test the method at various tracks for three months. Wes was confident he still had a winner…and he wanted John to prove it for him.

In order to accomplish this task, Wes needed THE DARK HORSE SECRET to be thoroughly evaluated using today’s readily available handicapping information. His belief was that all of the handicapping data he used 20 years ago was still both available and applicable in today’s racing venue…..with one minor exception. The old system used the Racing Form “Speed Rating” in order to evaluate one critical rule exception. Wes claimed substituting the Beyers or Equibase Number for the old “Speed Rating”, in the rare instances that it was required, produced even better results today then it did 20 years ago.

So he ultimately hired the best available pro he knew, John Madigan, to test THE DARK HORSE SECRET for him, using today’s current Racing Form data.  Was it still a winner for today’s horseplayer?  Could it be used for simulcast and internet play? Could he sell this system again – over twenty years later?

John tested THE DARK HORSE SECRET for three months. He played it just about every day at various tracks and under all conditions.  Rain or shine, turf or dirt, short races or long. John was startled by the results: As John put it: “Even though this system is over twenty years old, it works like a powerful machine…it keeps on winning day after day”.  Needless to say, John currently includes THE DARK HORSE SECRET in his personal handicapping processes.


Wes freely admits that he stumbled on this amazing technique by pure chance.  He feels that down through the years, probably only a handful of professionals have ever independently come into actual contact with this rare knowledge. He feels, unfortunately, all players will sometimes get a tip…. the “word” on certain hot horses. But they never actually received the “key”. Wes calls this key his DARK HORSE SECRET!

John Madigan found the concept to be truly amazing. It is simple, yet is soundly based on a certain “key” win probability shift favoring certain horses – ultimately giving these horses a distinct advantage.

You would think this information would have been discovered by most handicappers a long time ago. But, fortunately for Wes and a few limited purchasers, it has never been discovered by other handicapping aficionados. This is true, in part, because the typical handicapper tends to regard bits of information only collectively as a tool, and thus persist in missing certain key specifics necessary in order to win consistently. After his thorough review, John feels this critical data is no longer overlooked.  THE DARK HORSE SECRET  REVEALS IT ALL!

There is little to be studied or memorized!  The technique is uncluttered, allowing a new user a quick and accurate path to mastering it.  

John and Wes both encourage you to give this valuable playing technique the careful use it deserves.  Keep it private!  None the less…use it confidently! It is their sincere wish that you reap a lifetime of rich rewards… just like many “others” have done in the past .

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