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A winning selection strategy relying on specific workout patterns.For the AVERAGE player.

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THE MIRACLE BET by David Harrelman

NOTE: MIRACLE BET is based on the  weekly workout data summary as previously published in the Racing Form on a regular basis. This summary is no longer in the “Form”. However, the theories and concepts of MIRACLE BET are still a valuable source of information to today’s handicappers, especially when workout data is available at certain track websites..Read On…..

David Harrelman did a lot more than just win the 20 Day Las Vegas MARATHON HANDICAPPING CONTEST..

HE BLEW AWAY THE COMPETITION! And he did it without using past performances !!


Each participant was given a theoretical $1,000 starting bankroll, and could make any kind of bet and for any amount. And this was not a one day or weekend affair. The winner would be the one with the largest bankroll after a grueling 20 days!

Each morning a DIFFERENT track was chosen for the day. He never bet the same track two days in a row! He never knew ahead of time what the track would be. David was ecstatic because he knew that this switching of tracks every day would virtually give him a stranglehold over everyone else. His “Miracle Bet” has nothing to do with the track or track conditions!

Many of the contestants were good… you could even say experts at handicapping, but were completely lost at tracks unfamiliar to them! David predicted they would fall apart when away from familiar surroundings…..AND FALL APART THEY DID!

 IT WAS A $20,000 FIRST PRIZE !!

After One Week they played at 7 US Tracks including Santa Anita, , Turf Paradise, Louisiana Downs, Belmont, Gulfstream, Laurel, and Churchill Downs.


 David doesn’t like to brag… but he began to stand out like a sore thumb! Consider these results after one week: Out of 105 contestants there were only 19 who had more than the $1,000 starting bankroll! Believe it or not, the remaining 86 so-called top flight handicappers LOST MONEY …. they had less than $1,000…and 11 had LOST THEIR ENTIRE BANKROLL!

Posted on the RESULT BOARD for everyone to see was :
“DAVID HARRELMAN..$3,448.00.”. The next guy was $1,600 behind him; “John Schwartzman -$1,822.00.”

They were now into the second week and quite a few players began to change tactics…but it didn’t help! After 14 days, the original 105 players had dwindled down to only 48 … with just 9 players showing any profit. David’s bankroll was SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ANYONE ELSES……..he increased his bets substantially. The RESULT BOARD after the second week: “DAVID HARRELMAN – $7,324”

David turned a bankroll of $1000 into $12,280 in twenty days!!

 Attention Racing Fans:

I am contacting you today to let you know that I will share my “MIRACLE BET.” You can now obtain a copy from me…the same NON-HANDICAPPING METHOD I used to win the “Las Vegas Marathon Handicapping Contest.” It is pretty clear to me that no one, anywhere, can duplicate my feat! I assure you that you’ll never come across anything like it on your own.

 If you have any doubts and are willing to pay for it…I can reproduce four years results, day by day…for you … they’re packed in 12 cartons in my garage. Yet, if you have faith, let me instead give you a summary of what I have done!

HOW ABOUT THIS… Four Year Results have shown:
I have cashed in a winning percentage of 64%… that’s winning TWO OUT OF EVERY THREE RACES! Sounds impossible? Well, listen to this…Each of those winners paid an AVERAGE MUTUEL OF TEN DOLLARS PLUS …$10.40 to be exact! And if you think you may get one play a day or even less…WRONG! This is NOT a SPOT PLAY METHOD…You’ll be able to make bets an average of SEVEN RACES PER DAY… AND PER TRACK!

These results were achieved WITHOUT USING PAST PEFORMANCES! Sounds inconceivable? Well, your in for a shock! ABSOLUTELY NO HANDICAPPING whatsoever! There is NO MYSTERY in the Past Performances because you never use them to make selections with “MIRACLE BET”. And, as my results in the “Marathon Contest” showed, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AT THE TRACK to use MIRACLE BET!

 It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard or seen or believe… this is ABSOLUTELY A CONSISTENT, UNDENIABLE, OVERWHELMING, CERTIFIED MONEY MAKER… PERIOD!

 “MIRACLE BET” IS THE ULTIMATE WINNING WEAPON AT HORSE RACING! I know some of you are on mailing lists of system sellers and regularly see many outrageous claims. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ME IN THAT CATEGORY as what I am telling you is the truth…I have all the documentation and certification to prove it! I AM NOT A MAIL ORDER PURVEYOR OF SYSTEMS!

Sure there are other systems claiming you don t need past performances. But “Miracle Bet” is unlike any of them…and I know…I’ve seen most of them. It’s a joke. They are mere ripoffs. They cannot and will not work!

You have two choices…continue to lose or cross over into the winner’s circle. “Miracle Bet” is SURE to put you in that circle of winning! It’s the only weapon you need to succeed!

David Harrelman

NOTE: MIRACLE BET is based on the  weekly workout data summary as previously published in the Racing Form. This summary is no longer published. However, the theories and concepts of MIRACLE BET are still a valuable source of information to today’s handicappers.

The cost for “Miracle Bet” is $50.00.

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